Dance to Be Smarter: 30 Moves for 30 Days

Can We Dance to Be Smarter?

Success Words - Victory, Ambition, Accomplish, TriumphWe all know the things we do for ourselves and our own well being will enhance what we can do for others in life, and in business. We’ve all heard it before, “put on your own oxygen mask first so you have the resources to help others.” In essence, when we do this, we are in a position to make smarter decisions, we are in a place to give. As entrepreneurs helping others with our gifts is usually at the core of why we work so hard.

The question then becomes, why do we so often avoid the oxygen, the workout, the dance that will fuel us?

I love to change things up and find new ways to be creative with my “oxygen supply.” After a long and brutal winter, I am getting back to doing all the things I know will feed me oxygen, increase joy…I’m getting back to strength training and dance to be smarter. I am excited to be incorporating a lifestyle shift for myself and of course, I want to bring you along!

To inspire you, give you a little nudge, help you find a little magic in your Monday, here are some proven facts of the benefits of dance and strength training . I’ve also created a fun list of 30 Moves for 30 Days that will surely make you want to get up boogie and bust a move!

But, let’s start here:

Dancing and strength training provide many benefits which will help boost creativity and increase cognitive skills, making us smarter and better decision makers in business! Studies have shown that actives such as these can increase blood flow and oxygen and grow new neurons in the brain, reduce blood pressure and improve heart health, increase bone density, and even reduce dementia by 76%! They may also reduce memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease. Maybe it’s time to give some extra attention to Your Brilliant Brain and Your Loving Heart and do a little dance break in your living room today. (see source links below.)

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Some of the many benefits of dance and strength training:

  • Endorphins – (what I like to call the Happy Factor)
  • Heart Health / Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Calories Burned / Weight Loss
  • Flexibility / Joint Health
  • Stress Relief / Freedom from Thought
  • Creativity / Self Expression
  • Muscle Strength / Muscle Toning
  • Brain Health / Memory
  • Stronger Bones / Bone Density
  • Coordination
  • Sense of Self worth / Self Satisfaction
  • Energy / Metabolism
  • Endurance
  • Partnering / Team Work
  • Understanding of Music and Rhythm
  • Communication

Here is a fun way to get started. 30 Moves for 30 Days.

Pick the ones you like in random order or follow it along for 30 days. Either way, be sure to comment below, share on FB and Tweet to check in with me and let me know how it’s going. I’ve included some of my older videos that still apply and may make it even more fun for you.

  1. Put on your favorite tunes and see what happens: Music feeds us, it magically seems to speak to our mood and emotion. This is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. Here is a video I made about this a few years ago that still applies: 
  2. Take a dance class: Many places offer drop-in classes, just find one that interests you and try it.
  3. Jump around with your children: I call it Silly Dance. They will love it and so will you.
  4. Walk up and down your stairs several times: You’d be surprised what it can do.
  5. Give your self a Full Body Stretch Session: Grab a yoga mat or a towel and be gentle with yourself.
  6. Take a walk for a triple whammy: Try to leave technology behind, find time in nature and move your bod. BAM!
  7. Pop in a dance workout DVD: I’ll bet you have some stored away, dust it off and give it a second go-round.
  8. Go out dancing: Rally up some people you love and go have fun on the dance floor.
  9. Host a movement party: Ladies night – Have the girls over for a dance jam!
  10. Get on the treadmill or elliptical: If you can’t get out, but you have one of these available… you know what to do.
  11. Workout out with free weights: THIS is imperative. I highly recommend you find a way to incorporate using free weights. Building lean muscle is key component to health and fitness. Did you know that just 5 lbs of lean muscle can burn up to 50 additional calories, while at rest, per day?
  12. Do a 10 minute free workout. Check if your television provider has a “fit” channel with free classes.
  13. Put your (young and fairly small) child on your legs and have fun with airplane.
  14. Get a pull up bar: OMG, guys! This can change your life. Put up a pull up bar in a place you pass often. Hang, stretch, pull. You’ll love it.
  15. Dance around your living room: My favorite thing to do. We call it a ‘Slater Dance Break’ at my house.
  16. Do a set of 2nd position plie squats: Aka wide stance squats. But, I’m a dancer. So 2nd position is it.
  17. Do push ups: Start where you are. If it’s one, it’s one. See how many you can do by the end of the week. It will increase as you continue and you will feel great.
  18. Try a super set: 2nd position plies and then pushups (try this: 3 sets of 15 before the end of the day).
  19. Do yoga: for a multi-beneficial workout and mediation.
  20. Learn about Gyrotonics and try a session or a class.
  21. Do planks: A good goal is to get to where you can hold for at least 1 minute – three times.
  22. Do multi joint / compound moves for coordination and toning: Any time you engage two or more different joints you also stimulate multiple muscles, creating greater effect for the nervous and metabolic systems. (Ex: burpees, or forward lunch with shoulder press)
  23. Dance with your spouse. Anywhere, anytime – this connection can be a gift to both of you.
  24. Take an ab challenge and work toward a stronger core.
  25. Try this tondu series for your legs: It’s an older video of mine, but it works great.

  26. Do leg swings to release your hips: These are amazing and will even increase your heart-rate, too.
  27. Take on Salsa, Cha Cha and Merengue to learn Cuban motion: Oh la la.
  28. Upon waking, gently stretch your body before doing anything else: Hang over gently and release your spine.
  29. Relevé while you work: These are the same as basic calf raises, try them in various positions and do a few sets while you are standing in your office.
  30. Have Happy Feet! Feet are often the Forgotten Body Part: Do simple ankle circles or draw the alphabet in the air with your toes.

Even though feeling great can be enough, here are a few amazing scientific studies that support how you can do strength training and dance to be smarter:

  • A New England Journal of Medicine report showed that people who danced on a regular basis had a reduced risk of dementia by 76%. A study with close to 500 subjects showed that among leisure activities, dancing was associated with the reduced risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as decline in memory. (Source: Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly:
  • Here is a fantastic list of the Benefits of Dance that I came across on the website for the National Registry of Dance. It breaks down these benefits into lifestyle categories and is beautifully done. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! (Source:
  • Some great news from Dr. Mercola’s recent blog post where he shares how it’s never too late for your brain to regenerate brain cells. He states that your brain’s memory center has the ability to grow new cells well into the later years in life as long as we provide what the body needs. (Source:

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose

Web Traffic

How to Get Traffic to Your Online Business

How to get traffic to your online business it

Does this sound familiar to you?

You stroll past a shop, peak in the window, and something grabs your attention. You become curious and you like what you see. So, what do you do? You take a step inside, of course. You browse, you look, you check the pricing for the items you are interested in and if all goes to your liking….Yep, you guessed it. You buy.

On the flip side, this is your client. This is the customer you want. This is the person you want to invite back to visit your shop again. But, the first step is to get them to walk past the shop. How do you get them to walk past your store? How do you get traffic to your business? AND, how does this translate to doing business online?

This is a typical scenario to an offline business and the shop on Main Street. But, what many online business owners have trouble with is getting this to happen for their online business. You may have a website that offers service based coaching, an e-commerce store, or perhaps you sell your own digital products.

While offline business marketing has been around for decades, entrepreneurs with online businesses can get lost finding the best solution to getting traffic to their websites. This because there are so many possible options all with varying prices.

To get you started, I’m getting ready to publish my upcoming series of blog posts on driving traffic to your website. I’ll be sharing a few free  and low cost methods that are popular to many online businesses entrepreneurs.

To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose

5 bucks a day, dennis becker

5 Bucks a Day: A Quick Easy Read You’ll Love

Every now and then, I come across something that is so fantastic, so wonderful, so enjoyable, that I want to shout it from the rooftop and share it with everyone.

Here is my SHOUT!

This little easy to read, inexpensive, inspirational ebook is so jam packed it’s a must have for your reading library. After reading 5 Bucks a Day, Jr. by Dennis Becker and I was very, very (did I say very?) inspired.

In it, Dennis lays out a system he created for his online business success. It came to him as an “Ah-ha” moment and changed his life. His system is now changing the lives of so many business minded entrepreneurs working to build additional income on the internet.

5 bucks a day, dennis becker
One of my favorite aspects of the book, is Dennis Becker’s authentic telling of his struggles with internet marketing. It’s quite refreshing when someone is brave enough to tell the truth, one that so many have experienced as well.

There are many so called “gurus” online that are not necessarily telling you the truth (not all but many). This book talks about these messages, and shares a simple yet powerful message to help you get out of the page shuffling, web surfing, chasing your tail lack of productivity.

The result is a system that teaches FOCUS, time effective, efficient method to your success.
I guess you can tell, I highly recommend you check out the 5 Buck a Day ebook. It’s an absolute steel and less than the cost of breakfast, and you can read it in a few days!

Here’s to inspiring you to take the control you KNOW you have within you, make the changes you want to see and realize the success for your online business.

Here are a few others that you may like...

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose 

Getting Started with a Website

Years ago, the internet was used primarily for big businesses. Today the world wide web is used in many homes and by all walks of life around the world. I liken having a webpage to having a business card. These days it is a must. In this post I’ll help you navigate getting started with a website.

What if you don’t have a website?
If you do not yet a have a website and are not ready to pay the fees to hire a professional web designer, it can seem like a giant leap to take. There are many options for someone just starting out. Yet, I encourage you you to proceed with caution. Here’s Why.

Here, I’ll lay out some of the basics that can help you get on your way to making the decisions toward getting stared with a website and setting it up.

There are several options to chose from when deciding to create a website. A current popular chose are website platforms that generally offer ‘free’ solutions. Companies such as Wiz, Weebly, and Homestead are a few examples. Remember, though, the free free hook is usually just a nibble.

The downside to using programs like these is that they can be somewhat limiting in what you can create. The templates are often standard and not easily customizable. What I have seen happen and have heard from clients time and time again is that once you get in there, after you have invested time and all that valuable energy one of the two following things inevitably happen. (you get the sharp end of the hook):

(1)Does this sound familiar to you? You almost done. You just want this one more thing. If it would just do that. But, THAT is an additional fee.

(2) You now have things the way you like them, and bam, you are paying monthly fees for years. Because, you don’t actually own your back-end files and you can’t simply pick up and move to a new location if you wish.

A very popular solution an my platform of choice is WordPress. WordPress is an open source application that is free to use. If you’re brand new to building a website, you’ll find the many pages of documents and forums helpful.

WordPress offers a great solution allowing a blog and a webpage in one location. Blogs are known for having better results with the search engines which in turn can increase traffic. But, that’s a lesson for an other day. Here’s a video I did explaining WordPress.

Here is a list of the things you may want to consider when you begin looking at possible options:

The monthly fees involved:
Are there any hidden fees?

The amount of technical knowledge necessary:
The best route to go is to be mindful or your current level, how much time you have to invest in learning and how soon you need to have your website up and functioning.

The limitations of the program:
It is very common for “newbies” to have thoughts of grander when dreaming of the site they want to have. I know, I did it too! But, those super highly functioning site are built by the developers and big budgets. It’s best to simply take one step at a time, and start with a basic site.

If you are brand new to this – get ready to have some fun! Learning technology, how to use it to enhance your business, and to share your art and passion can be an exciting process. For more advice on running your business both on and off the web,  check out my other posts.

You can follow my step by step outline to get your website up today by filling in the box on this page.

To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose

Many Steps How-To

Domain Buying Tips: 7 Simple and Money Saving Things to Know

Based on conversations and questions from clients I put together these Domain Buying Tips: 7 Simple and Money Saving Things to Know to simplify the process for you.

Oh, I know, it sounds easy enough. But, there are actually many decisions to make along the way from choosing your name to if you need privacy and how many years to buy. Additionally, the checkout process generally will offer you one upsell solution after the next. These may be solutions that you may not know you need or more importantly you don’t realize that you don’t need them. So, instead of going in with the blinders, I hope these simplifying and money saving tips will help you make the best choices when you are ready to buy domain names.


  1. If at first you don’t succeed – try another version. Domains with two words and sometimes personal names can be hard to get. So, be creative and flexible and don’t get discouraged. Perhaps you can use a nickname, an acronym, or add an initial to make it your own. Hey, would you ever have expected a name like to be what it is? Think outside the box and have fun with it.

  2. It’s a great idea to get at least one additional extension. For example: I own and This can be helpful down the line for split testing and sales pages, etc. But, that is another lesson and checklist for another day. For now, know that it will protect your name so that others can not use it.

  3. It is NOT necessary to buy ALL the extensions. For example: .info, .me, .mobi, .us, etc. – Just pick the top two or three that work best for you and you’ll be covered.

  4. Should you buy privacy protection? This is a personal preference. Here’s how to decide: (a) If you decide against privacy protection, the public CAN access your registered domain owner information such as your address, and phone number. (b) If you do purchase privacy protection, the public can NOT access your owner information. It’s really an individual choice. An example of this would be a business with a store front on Main Street, verses a person running a home based business. These two scenarios may invoke a different decision.

  5. Should you purchase hosting along with the domain? My advice is no. I always use a company specifically geared toward hosting.

  6. Don’t get sold on your way to checkout! They will offer you everything under the sun on your way to checkout. There are better companies for other services. Get your domains and privacy and get on ‘outta’ there.

  7. Should you buy more than 1 year on your domains? The word on the street is that the search engines favor longer term domains over short term domains. It shows a more serious and perhaps more legit purpose for the domain and possible website… all in the name of cutting back on spammers – and that’s a good thing.

That’s it in a nutshell. Next step…
Your New Website. How EXCITING is that?

Blog post next week will help you navigate that process!

To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose
girl working on beach

Dream List

What’s a Dream List?

Let’s have some fun!

I remember the first time I wrote out a list of qualities, my dream list of I wanted to find in a guy. It was long, very long. But, I went through the recommended task (from a book I was reading at the time) and I continued to re-write the list, whittling it down to eventually get to the top 10.

It was an exercise, and it took some time and energy. But, it was fun and enjoyable to get very clear on what it was that would make me happy. The best part was in realizing months later that I had met a guy that fit many of the 10 qualities.

While he wasn’t the love of my life, nor my future husband, finding a husband didn’t make it to the top ten at the time. I was in my 20’s and it wasn’t my priority.

I’ve had this experience many times in my life. I feel grateful – not only for the ability to get clear and in some way attract what I want , but, I am equally grateful for the awareness of the gifts that I received for my efforts to become clear.

For several years I participated in a year goal setting plan from the book, “Your Best Year, Yet” by Jenny Ditzer.

When I look back at my notes for the goals I set out to accomplish for those years, it’s amazing that I have had success with at least 80% of them! That’s amazing and wonderful and powerful.

The thing is, over time, our dreams, goals and desires change. It’s really important to hone in and be crystal about what your current and near future picture looks for you and what they mean to you in your life now.

Do you write out your goals?

Are you specific with the desires as well as the deadlines?

And.. have you updated that list recently?

Well, here is your encouragement:

  • Make a list of the things you want to create in your business.
  • Narrow it down, and then narrow it down again to the top ten.
  • Next to each thing, list the why it is important, and the who will benefit once you achieve it.

These questions will help you get started and in touch with creating your reality. If you would like to dig a little deeper, check out my my post A Rinse and Repeat Go-To for Success. In it, I shared an express version of my program “The Inspiration System.”

To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose

The Inspiration System Step 3 - Patty Rose

A Rinse and Repeat Go-To for Success

The Inspiration System Express

Recently, at my “Specular” Event, I shared the Express Version of my new, step by step program, The Inspiration System. It’s a rinse and repeat go-to for success every time you need to get something accomplished. This process is one that you can use in any area of your life or business.

I stumbled into creating it upon my journey to asking myself the bigger questions about my life and what I want my business to accomplish in the world. I wanted to share the 4 steps with you here. Go through them and post your goal date below in the comments. Keep in mind this system breaks things down by quarter. Look at the calendar and determine if you will choose your accomplishments for the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter.

Hint: For example if it is the middle of February, you can choose the end of the 1st quarter giving you approximately 4 weeks or the end of the 2nd quarter giving you a bit more than a quarter, approximately 4 months.

Step 1: What Will You Accomplish?

The Inspiration System Step 1 - Patty Rose

Here’s where we start.

  • Make a list of the top three things you want to accomplish this quarter. I know, it is very likely that you will be pulled to list a long to-d0 of many items. For today, just for now, follow this and see how it works for you.
  • Just pick three.
  • Prioritize the three most important to least.
  • Chose the top one. DONE.

Here’s how to make this an easier process:

Sit quietly with this. Listen to yourself, rather FEEL your responses to the things that come to mind. We all have ‘reporting’ mechanisms in our bodies, ie. sweaty palms, involuntary smiles, butterflies in our bellies. LISTEN to those signs your body is giving you and base those three items on the ones that are most important to you-full mind, body, soul. Not. Just. Mind.

Step 2: Who will Y0u Help?

The Inspiration System Step 2- Patty Rose

  •  Once you have this one task, goal, accomplishment chosen, I want you to determine who will benefit from you completing it.
  • Helpful question that will lead you to the answer are: Who will benefit and how? What will they receive?
    • Will your family have more time with you?
    • Will you generate more income to share a vacation with the ones you love?
    • Will you have the ability to help people that are suffering in a way you know you can alleviate?
    • Will your local community benefit by your accomplishment?

Step 3: How Will YOU Light up and Shine?

The Inspiration System Step 3 - Patty Rose

There is a ‘thing’ that happens to us when we dig deep and do what we are called to do. When we follow our dreams we light up in the world in a very unique and bright way. THIS is the thing you should be focused on achieving. When you are on the best path for you, the accomplishments come faster and more smoothly.

The pictures in the above photo are are all of me in moments when I was authentically shining. They span the decades and when I look at them combined, I remember what is most important to me and what will allow me to step into my true self – each and every step of the way.

The first, my 13th birthday party (I had a disco ball!). The second, with my nephew when he was just a little guy,  and the last this, past June, at my first Inspired Success Networking Event for Women Entrepreneurs.

  • Here are a few ways for you to dig into that good stuff and find your true connection to your desired accomplishment:
    • How does this accomplishment light you up?
    • How does this make the inner most spectacular part of your self shine out for others to see?
    • How will you feel when you are light up like a 3 watt bulb?

(4) When Will You Have it Completed?

The Inspiration System Step 4 - Patty Rose

To find a solution to something I want to accomplish, I love masterminding, brainstorming, mediating and using a spiritual approach. However, it’s not until we actually take action that we will see results. We must put the foot to the pedal and get something done. Period.

Take out your calendar and determine the dates to have this accomplished. Earlier I mentioned that you determine what quarter you want to work within. But, now, I want you to give specific date or dates to this goal.

  • What is your I Did It Date?
    • Do you need to set smaller timeline dates to break this goal into more manageable tasks?
    • Do you have enough time to commit to completing this within the quarter time frame you originally chose?
    • Do you need to tweak. Now’s the time to do it.
  • Put it in ink!
    • Commit to yourself – YOU are just as important (even more so) than anything else that goes into your calendar. Keeping promises to ourselves is empowering and leads to progress and success.
  • Get Accountability on your side:
    • Sometimes we need someone who can hold us to our promises. It’s makes it easier when you know you have someone to report to -and – it’s actually more fun that way.
  • Here are two ways you can be held accountable for this Go-to System today:

Use this rinse and repeat go-to any time you need to get something off your mind, off your to-do list and into the world with real, live, energy for success!

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose



Women's Networking - Annete, Patty, Diana

Women’s Networking & What Support Looks Like…

At the end of the evening, as I gave my closing remarks at my Specular 2015 event,  I noted how the saying, “It takes a village…” never meant more to me than at that very moment. From the birth of this idea to host a women’s networking event in support of entrepreneurial women to  when I reached out to colleagues for assistance and they extended a hand back to me, all the way to that evening when amazing women arrived in style to learn, share, and grow…the village converged around me and I had one milestone moment after the next.

These special moments in life happen and are made richer because of the people that come together in  support of one goal. If you were with us, YOU did that. If you weren’t we look forward to having you at the next one.

Enjoy the pics! The full gallery is below. Tag yourself or your friends, share on your social networks and comment. Let’s continue this rich, open minded support to success, because…

As I always say, “You can do it all. But, you don’t have to do it all, alone!” ~ Patty Rose

I’m super grateful for the amazing feedback I’ve received. Here are a  few pics and stories.

Women's Networking, April Alverez

April Alvarez

Patty’s Spectacular Event was super inspiring and just what I needed to start the year off with the perfect mindset…one of success!! I was super excited to network with all the ladies and to promote my business. But I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first. As soon as Patty spoke she reminded me to be proud of my business and to really “OWN IT”. The speakers after were motivating and the exercises that we broke into had so much positive energy from all the ladies! It was truly a blessing to be a part of this event because it encouraged me to set my business goals and to create a plan to accomplish them.
2015 is going to be my year and I have Patty to thank for it!  Can’t wait for the next one!!!

~April Alverez, Independent Scentsy Consultant (

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

April, Amanda, Olga

Hi Patty,  I really enjoyed the Women’s Empowered Networking Event. It really made me more motivated to build my business and push toward my dreams. After attending your event I realized that networking is key. If everyone shares their ideas with each other it won’t necessarily hurt my business just help me make it a bit better. I loved the group sessions with different Q and A’s and how everyone was either in the same boat as me or giving me wise advise. At the end of your event I left feeling much happier and even more devoted to my company. Thank you so much for this event because it truly was an inspiration for me.

~Amanda owner of Mandy’s Paws & Claws, a mobile dog grooming business.

A Personal Thank You

and Shout Out…

…to my speakers and sponsors, these really cool ladies who said yes to me when I called with my idea for an event. Please reach out to them and share how their product or service added to your experience or perhaps touched you in some way.

Women's Networking Patty Rose and Lorena

Patty Rose and Lorena Morales

Lorena Morales, Thank  you for your enlightening talk on attracting money into your business, making it fun and for your brainstorming fun prior to the event! (

Women's Networking - Jojo's and Patty Rose

CEO & Founder love hard, inc. // creator of Jojo’s Sriracha

Jolene Collins, Jojo’s Sriracha! These ladies went home with a gift bag that truly had some value. Thank you so much for your generosity and your fast action to get them to me overnight! I love Jojo’s, you introduced me to something new and delicious – and I’m hooked! (

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

Patty Rose and Carol Marshall

Carol Marshall, thank you for your open and honest discussion on continually maintaining integrity and checking in with what we feel inside to continue on a path to success that is true to who we are. (

Women's Networking Patty Rose and Diana Dorell

Patty Rose and Diana Dorell

Diana Dorell, thank you for your contribution to give an intuitive healing session. I know one women will be more connected and more joyful after working with you! Thank you also for your heartwarming and lovely introduction for my presentation. (

Women's Networking - Annete, Patty, Diana

Annette Naif, Patty Rose, Diana Dorell

Annette Naif, Thank you for being available in my moment of panic, for keeping me calm and for giving the tools I needed to go into my event confidently and ready to shine. (

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

Patty Rose, Olga Rivera and Julia Wojnar

Olga Rivera, thank you for your discounted services for Organizing with O! You have a gift and I know the women who reach out to you will  feel lighter and more clear after time spent organizing their space with you. (

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

Patty Rose with Allison and Karla

Women's Networking - Patty Rose


Allison Wenk & Karla McCormick, the two best assistants a girl could have! Thank you both for being part of my process, for running errands, for making my book marks by hand, for sharing your ideas, for being with me for days prior until the end of the night pack-up was done!

Women's Networking Patty Rose

Beacon Wines

Beacon Wines, Thank you for your generous contribution of Jaume Serra Cristalino Cava from your Broadway location (212022 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 (212) 877-0028).  A little bubbly goes a long way. (

katya-nicholas-logo-150x150pxKatya Nicholas Photography, Thank you for capturing our evening with these amazing photographs of our time together. What fun, everyone looks so happy! (



NewBella_logoBella Boo Chocolates, There is nothing quite like gourmet chocolate to make an evening just a little sweeter! Kim you are a dear and very sweet person (pun intended), thank you for your yummy gift.



The Picture Gallery! Yay!

To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose

Oprah: Life Whispers

Life’s Whispers… Are you listening?

The Friday before my Spectacular 2015 Event I was literally running around with a frenetic type energy trying to get everything done. I had one idea after the next in the planning, and I wanted to find a way to make it all happen. That idea generator in me teams up with the persistent side of me, and wallah – I expect myself to figure out a way – no matter what the cost.

Oprah Life Whispers Video

Scroll down for video

I hadn’t slept but a few hours over the previous days and I was working for clients in the midst of planning as well. I was also nervous to be giving my first talk in addition to hosting the event. As if that wasn’t enough, on top of it all, I somehow scheduled a doctors appointment for that Friday.

Can we say overload?

I was running out the door to the doctors appointment, with my list of to do’s to take care of en-route, when the elevator basically took me hostage. The doors wouldn’t open at the lobby and then it preceded to run up and down from the top floor to the basement, stopping at various floors. All the while, the door never opened.

At that very moment, I KNEW there was nothing I could do. I also, KNEW that I could take this as an opportunity to re-group or I could go into panic.

Which one did I choose?

In the moment, I believed that this was one of life’s whispers. It was telling me, slow down girl! I had a sense, an understanding of a message clearly warning me slow down now, listen to what’s going on, take the breath, the break, the moment you need before we have to knock you harder.

So, I was in the elevator and I surrendered. My phone didn’t work in that elevator, so I couldn’t try to call anyone. The panel was picking and choosing what floors to go to next. I understood at that moment, everything was out of my control.  I took my coat off, put my phone away, and said out loud as I looked up to the Heavens, “Okay. Okay. I hear you. I get it.” Then, I took a deep breath and let go.

Fortunately, I was not stuck for long, there was no fear or concern, it’s a busy building and I knew someone would get me out. But, I was in the sh** just long enough to get the message and start breathing, which may have been the first time in days.

When I got out, my first call was to my husband to let him know what happened and that I was okay. Then, I called my doctors office to see if they would take me late – yes, of course they would.

I put the advice to good practice. I walked slowly and took in everything around me. I found a bench where the sun was shinning like a laser cutting through the cold day and I sat there quietly for ten, maybe fifteen, minutes. I heard the whisper. The message to slow down. I haven’t always listened to these things when they came up in the past. But, inevitably, the message gets louder until we heed the warning. This time, I did. I’m happy to report that the day went smoothly afterward. As a matter of fact so did the following days and my event!

Here’s the thing, I know sometimes life is a heck of a lot harder than getting stuck in an elevator. I’m no Pollyanna and I am not wearing blinders. I know some days you may face struggles that seem insurmountable, we all do at times. On any given day, I know that “stopping to smell the roses” can seem like child’s play compared to life’s current circumstances.

Yet, I encourage you to, find your bench in the sun – what ever that looks like for you – find your bench, take in something beautiful and continue to listen, practice, and listen some more.

Here are some pics of different ways I have found my “benches” in the sun. Below, is a video of Oprah talking about how life gives you whispers. (click image to enlarge)

Do you need help finding your bench? Perhaps it’s in connecting with others?
Share the whispers you have you heard in your life.

Post a comment below and share your experience…
let’s sit on that bench in the sun together.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose
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Oprah says that if you don’t get the whisper, the message gets a bit louder. It becomes a pebble (a problem); then a brick (a crisis), then a wall falling down on you (a full-blown disaster)….”

How Do You Reset Your Business?

Magic Monday – Do you have a reset?

Hi Ladies!! I am going to keep this one super short and sweet.But, this is super important and I hope I can help you take a breath and add some creativity and inspiration to your business today.

reset your businessI’ve been very fortunate the past week to be traveling in the west; Arizona, Nevada, California, Oh MY! Spending time in these natural and energizing places has been truly awe inspiring for me.

As I was exploring the mountains and the majestic views of the grand landscapes of the Grand Canyon and experiencing the vortex energy fields of Sedona and the sizzling sparkle of Vegas, I was wondering how to best harness this feeling and replicate it for a reset in everyday life. What if we could keep the level of awe and be inspired to create, build, share… everyday?

As entrepreneurial women, we have ideas, dreams and mission to fulfill. But, the road is often curvy and full of unexpected challenges.

It’s vital that we:

(1) Find a way to reset your business each day. Doing things like stepping away from the to do list, taking a walk, grabbing a coffee with a friend will go a long way.

(2) Community support is how we join together to grow and do more. Connect with like minded entrepreneurial women here.


I’d love to hear what you do to reset your business in your day?

How do you energize creativity into your business on a day to day?

Comment Below and share your stories with like-minded entrepreneurial women to

help each other on this path of creativity, joy and success!

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To Your Inspired Success!!

Patty Rose