Ignite Business with a Change of Plans

Ignite Business? Here’s how my Magic Monday change in plans helped.

Today I was gifted with an unexpected break between appointments. I thought for a moment should I go home or should I hang around and wait it out? While I chose the later mostly out of convenience to not go back and forth, I didn’t see the great surprises that were awaiting. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. I just love how creativity and ideas are generated from the new and unexpected.

Here are some of the things I stumbled upon that fueled me. Perhaps they will inspire you to find ways to ignite business:

Bryant Park has transformed it’s entire look and feel for the season. There is an ice-rink where the green grass and picnic area usually is. There are temporary shops set up for the holidays, and lots of inviting spots both indoor and outdoor to stop for warm and comforting hot chocolate.ignite businessignite business

As I walked through this wonderland, ideas stirring and thoughts stimulated, this one shop stopped me in my tracks. The colors pulled me in, the set up intrigued me, and the people kept me there chatting. What a fun time.

ignite businessIt got me to thinking, what if we just changed the background of our websites for the month, or the holiday, or the season? What would that look like? How much fun would might it be to plan out colors and themes for the year? What if you did that around your marketing plan? Where else in my business could I spruce things up with a little sparkle, shine and magic?

ignite business

Not long after leaving Bryant Park, I found a cafe with outstanding espresso with view of the New York Public Library. Thought bubble… What part of my business can become a looking glass into exceptional greatness?

ignite business

ignite business

So, the question is: Can a Change of Plans Ignite Business? If so, what slight re-direct can you infuse to stir some new ideas into your business?

Here are some ideas for you to try to add a little spice and ignite business!

Take a different route for your daily errands? You never know what you might happen upon; a new cafe, a unique vibe of a particular neighborhood, hey you may even find a parade – (something that happens to me quite often in the city).

Re-locate your office for a day? Where do you usually do your work? Why not try changing it up for a day? Here are some ideas: move from one room in the house to another, go to a coffee shop or the library, rent space in a local virtual space office, determine what part of your work you can take to the park and do it under a tree.

Change or add audio? Do you listen to audio books in the day? Do you play music? Do you work in silence or to the sound of the television or your children? Try mixing it up… flip flop two or add something different. Music stirs emotion, and creates motion, pick a genre and let the ideas fly!!

I encourage you to try something new and different and see where you can translate your experience into your business.

What was this like for you? Leave a comment below or share a post on our FB page  .

Go forth and be inspired!
Patty Rose

business creativity

Grow Your Business by Stepping Into Creativity

Magic Monday’s – It’s all about nurturing your creative side!

I recently started a new weekly schedule and I begin each week with my Magic Monday outings. This is a day when I allow myself to be fully in my creativity. It may be a walk, exploring a new part of the city, reading a book or journaling at the riverside… I am open to what I am called to do for the day. The result has already been amazing. So, I decided to start a Magic Monday blog post and share the joy with you so you can start your week and your business off with the most important ingredient, creative juicy, inspiration and love!

Welcome to the first Magic Monday blog post:

Do you ever notice, that some of the most productive and creative times we have in business come when we walk away from business? It seems ironic, right?

When we find ways to pull ourselves away from all the tasks we need to tend to, and instead, change our scenery and our environment, or explore creative outlets, we create space for minds to freely generate new ideas and our hearts to connect to the excitement or the truth of the things we want to bring forth in the world.

So what happens when we allow this time away?

(1) We find new solutions to things that seemed insurmountable.

(2) We take long deep breaths that were before stifled in stress.

(3) We have creative light bulbs go on and ideas flood our thoughts.

(4) Ultimately, and most importantly, we feel better.

The past few days were packed with creative outlets that really (literally) had me signing. Today, I am excited to put all my newly generated creative energy to work for me, for my heart and soul, and for my business and feel the magic.

Here’s a little summary of what happened for me when I stepped away. I hope it helps stir some fun and new ideas for you.

I did something I swore off for well over two decades! I went to Karaoke singing!

First, let me must set the record straight. I swore off any form of karaoke and singing in public over 20 years ago, and I stuck to it. The one and only time, I got up on a stage with a bunch happy (uh, drinking) college girls to sign karaoke, I felt a such an intense level of discomfort, awkwardness, embarrassment and humiliation that I vowed to never do it again. I’m not sure why I felt those things, but the experience was powerful enough to have lasting impact. (By the way, all the other girls seemed to have a blast.)

I know this is not a big deal in life. Believe me. But, often, it’s the little things that teach us the most valuable lessons. Here is one of those lessons and how it has translated to growth for me both in business and personally:

In the past few years, I’ve gone to karaoke a few times with a group of friends that love go karaoke singing. At first it required a great deal of courage for me to just to sing one song. I even had stress over it in the days following, as I asked myself, “what were you thinking?” Then, the next time I tried another song. As time went on the feelings of doubt and question were lessened. Practicing what made me uncomfortable led to pure fun and a greater sense of letting go!

The beauty in this has been how I’ve grown to know these friends always make it safe and fun for me to belt it out – and what an amazing gift it is!! I’ve explored different music, I’ve had good and some really bad and it’s all been a-o-k.

It’s important to stretch creatively, but it’s important to do it in a way that will nurture you’re growth.

What this experience has done for me on a deeper level is allow another way of using my voice, anther way of standing in something that feels good (even if I’m not the best at it), another outlet to laughter and creativity.

People often talk about facing your fears and concurring your blocks. I say – yes, I’m all for it. But, sometimes these lessons in life just take time. Sometimes, it requires being in a safe environment with people you trust, or, you may just experience a set-back. Fortunately, the nature of how things go in life, is that lessons tend to appear when you are ready.

I believe implementing the space you need to grow quietly, and privately, in turn will lead you to the activities that allow to to stretch further.

Surrounding ourselves with trusting people who will support you in fun and love is the true secret to the sauce. It’s so important that you find the a community that is right for you; one that will allow you to shine, just as you are, being your true and authentic, vibrant self.

When you do, you see beautiful emergence occur both in your personal as well as your business lives. It is all so connected.

Would you like to join me for Magic Monday’s? Or perhaps create your own day to walk away?

What will you do today, this week, this month, to put some magic into your business by walking away from your business?

Post a comment below and share your creative ah-ha’s!!

Patty Rose

If you are looking for a support of an incredible group of creative, entrepreneurial women, click here to check out my Inspired Success Networking events in NYC and Westchester County. I hope to meet you at an event one day soon.

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