Other People Do It – CathyDemers and Patty Rose – [ISD]

http://inspiredsuccessdaily.com/ Another amazing women shares her tip to online business success. Hear what Cathy Demers has to say in this Inspired Success Video with Patty Rose.

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Inspiration is Everywhere: Helen Raptoplous and Patty Rose: [ISD]

http://inspiredsuccessdaily.com/ Another amazing women shares her tip to online business success. Hear what Helen Rappy has to say in these mini video interview on Inspiration.

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Who’s Got Your Back?

In this video, Patty shares one of the most important steps to getting results in business and in life. Watch the video for Patty Rose's In…

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I Had a Crummy Day

Yesterday was a crummy day. I felt the continued need to push and push to get past my funk. Yet, there seemed to be no end in sight. I have my standard ‘go to' set of methods for when I have days like these. We all know the get your work done, nose tot the grind method. But, aside from getting work done, attending to deadlines, and assisting clients, the mountain of to do's that looms over can get put off when I am not feeling in the flow.

I believe in filling my mind, and my heart with positive and loving information. I read, listen to audio books, listen to music. I try to meditate, but that one takes a little more effort because my mind is usually in 6th gear. Yep, 6th!

So, I have a standard go to system for my – You've Get to out of Your Funk, Girl! days. Here are my methods. Maybe they will be helpful next time you are not in the flow of inspiration:

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Online Business Success

5 Simple Steps to Blogging for Busy, Creative, Entrepreneurs

Blog Content Overwhelming You?

I had a great conversation with a client and WordPress user about blogging. It's actually a conversation I've had with clients many times. So, I thought I'd share this information with you. This tends to be a common fear for people across the board and I hear the same thing all the time. “It's just so overwhelming!”

I recently put out video post for my Website Done Today Q & A series explaining why blogging is a must. View it here. (opens in a new wind0w)

This post , however, is about the “How to” involved in blogging.

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Successful Entrepreneurial Women in Business, Ep 1

Women is business. What does that bring to mind for you?

Well, in the past, it was very commonly one of stiff, suited (uh – shoulder pads anyone?), hard edged, and dare I say, bitchy. Thankfully, that a stereotype which is long gone. These days a woman in business is considered more of a role model, ambitious, a change maker, an inspiration.

So, to start off this, my new blog series, I am highlighting and applauding Successful Entrepreneurial Women in Business. These posts will be a mix of podcasts, written articles, and video interviews and some women will be interviewed more than once so we can keep up with new and exciting things they are up to. There is so much inspiration to be gained by these women. They have gone before and pioneered and paved the path for the rest of us. I am proud and honored to have them as part of my journey and part of my life.

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Who is your ideal client?

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Who is YOUR Ideal Client?

If you are like me, the old fashion process to getting this question answered, just doesn't work.

Here's the thing, information like demographics, income, and family size, are hugely important to know about your target market. But, I believe this the standard ‘old school' approach causes blocks. I have found the best way to approach these questions (especially for creative women, like us) is to start with the heart, the right brain and the creativity.

So here are a few question to start with:

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