Coaches, Creators, Empaths

Are you ready to reconnect with your inner truth for incredible transformation and reignite your Inner Spark?

It’s time to remember the YOU that you have always wanted to be

And live an exciting, engaging, enthusiastic life.

Have you lost the connection to your inner spark?
Has lack of Motivation creeped in?
Is discouragement getting you down?
Are All. The. Things. causing you to spiral into self-doubt?

If you answered Yes to any of the above

then the Inner Spark: An Intuitive Movement and Transformational Experience is for you!

And, I am going to guide you along the journey so you can take that leap toward the magical shift of being in flow.


What your body wants you to know
trust the messages you receive
leap in action with confidence
Keep it simple so it becomes a lifelong practice.

But, you might be wondering if this is all a bit too woo-woo and does this actually work?

I believe that incorporating just enough ‘woo' while keeping your feet firmly grounded in today's reality is the way to make lasting, fulfilling change in life.

And, when you allow yourself to combine these dynamic approaches there is no holding you back!

Did you know tapping into and trusting your Intuition has the ability to bring you to a flow state and to living your confidently authentic self?

Inner Spark: An Intuitive Movement and Transformational Experience will teach you how to tune-in to listen to your inner knowing and develop a trust for it, so you can take forward leaps to transform with confidence and enthusiasm!

How would you feel if:

You had a simple, fun, and easy way to trust your body’s wisdom

You felt confident in your decisions and consistently took aligned action.

you were reconnected with your inner spark, happy, and living with joy?

Hi, I’m Patty Rose.

I help creatives reconnect with the joy and inner spark they already have deep inside!

I don’t know if this is for you, but if your goal is to live an enthusiastic, energized, and empowered life you may want to be part of this unique program for creative empathic coaches and experts Inner Spark: An Intuitive Movement and Transformational Experience.

What is Inner Spark:
An Intuitive Movement and Transformational Experience?
Inner Spark: An Intuitive Movement and Transformational is a live, online experience that guides you to authentic alignment by teaching you unique ways of tuning into your body’s wisdom to generate your inner spark, live happy and with joy, trusting yourself and to take confident action to be enthusiastic, energized, and empowered.
The micro-movement sessions make implementing effortless, the live workshops provide interactive, personalized support, and the small community and accountability keep you supported and on track.

Everything you need to create your transformation with self-empowered confidence.

This system was developed out of my own transformation which is exactly :

How I:

Stopped the late night anxiety (waking me from a sound sleep with a knot in the pit of my stomach)
Started waking up feeling happy again!
Gained Lean Muscle
Lost 10 pounds
Reconnected to my inner compass (who is kind of a smart chick – if I don’t say so myself).

A Little Backstory

I hit a snag several years ago when I experienced a string of very difficult personal losses. The mounting losses of fertility issues, a number of very special loved ones passing, and a few physical injuries. It seemed too much to bear and it caused me to turn away from everything I intuitively knew.

I stopped paying attention to and practicing the things that had always pulled me through life –

I stopped listening to my body’s wisdom,
I stopped moving my body.

And, I lost the connection to my self-trust that has always been such a wonderful guide in life.

In short – I guess you could say I lost the connection with my Inner Spark.

This all resulted in me becoming isolated, disconnected and made me want to hide.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

During the Pandemic, I found my way back to my intuitive practices with a personal conviction to navigate this unknown territory the best I could manage. I made a decision to be my best self and find my own inner peace. (because the world around us all seemed void of it all together.)

This decision, this one act, was the start of living in my empowerment and it brought me back to doing my best work in years. There was a gentle organic unfolding as I allowed the journey to nurture and nourish. And I want that for you, too!

I no longer feel like I wanted to hide and instead feel connected to my inner spark, with newfound vibrance and enthusiasm.

When you are connected to your Inner Spark, you do what excites you, you follow your truth, and you confidently take leaps toward your dreams –

Life opens up in unimaginable ways.

And now it's time for YOU to reconnect with your inner spark so you can get back to believing in that woman you set out to become.

You will love what what happens when you embark on this journey, explore new ways to find the answers you hold within.
I have a is a life altering system in store for you:
Each week I will provide a live and interactive workshop activity. Think fun and free things like intention setting, masterminding, vision boards, surrender box practice, and more. Consistent practice and implementation of fun and relaxing goal setting like this can help you gain self trust, spiritual peace, better sleep so you can find your inner voice sharing of your art, and better connection with those who need your gifts.
Each week you will receive a set of pre-recorded Energy Shiting Micro Sessions available to access anytime you need and energy shift. Topics and themes range from calming and relaxing to free dancing, energy boosting and tons in between. These weekly sessions will allow you the freedom of what you need to give yourself at any given moment.
This small and intimate group will feel like family. Other women just like you who are willing to share, grow, and hold one another accountable. In addition, the private FB group is a place where I can show up for you continually to provide feedback and support along your journey.
My habit tracker is addictive in the most positive way! This printable and mini training will set you up for that “bouncing out of bed” feeling. This one training is a huge game changer and extremely motivating!
Do you love getting nice things in snail mail? I know I do and since that is such a nice feeling I love to give it to my students. You can expect random fun and topic related gifts to show up at your door. The goal is to make you smile which in turn, makes me smile.
The Ultimately You program
Was created for a VIP core group of women with a focus on enthusiastically living your life on purpose, with purpose, for purpose.

Authentically Pivot: 5 Easy + Freeing Ways to Get Unstuck + Connect to Your Creative Flow
Was designed to help you reconnect with your creative inner divine & find your path to true success…

There is a limited number of VIP spots open which includes the full group program plus one-to-one sessions, Laser Coaching (in between) call and additional personalized gifts sent to you by mail and access to both bonus courses, Authentically Pivot and The Ultimately You Program.

The Inner Spark Success Method:

PreWork: Intention Setting grounding work to get you ready and in the mindset of this amazing journey and transformation.

Week 1:

LIVE WORKSHOP: The Live Intention Setting Mastermind
This guided collaboration call will help you get crystal clear on what you want to create in life.

ENERGY SHIFTING MICRO SESSIONS: Movements to help you get grounded, stabilized, and balanced to support the focus of the week.

JOURNAL PROMPTS SHEET: prompts to support this week's activities.


Week 2:

LIVE WORKSHOP: Make Space Surender Box CREATION + introduction to Day 1 of the 21 Day Surrender Practice of letting go and trusting.
ENERGY SHIFTING MICRO SESSIONS: Dance and Movement specifically created to help you release, let go, and make space for the new.

JOURNAL PROMPTS SHEET: prompts to support this week's activities.



Week 3:

LIVE WORKSHOP: Vision Board Creation: It’s time to start dreaming again. Envision and bring in the new.
ENERGY SHIFTING MICRO SESSIONS: it’s time to get things moving in all directions — to free, to feel, to bring to fruition.

JOURNAL PROMPTS SHEET: prompts to support this week's activities.



Week 4:

LIVE WORKSHOP: Celebration and Next Steps Mastermind
ENERGY SHIFTING MICRO SESSIONS: Move through space from your heart and center.

JOURNAL PROMPTS SHEET: prompts to support this week's activities.


This is how you will reconnect with your INNER SPARK, regain confidence and take strides and leaps toward enthusiastic, energized, and empowered life. Join now for a guided journey to experience the new you.

What does this all really come down to?

You, my love! YOU.

It is about you believing in yourself, feeling good about your decisions, and enjoying the life you have created.

ANd, I am super stoked to share all I know while guiding you on the start of a beautiful journey to reconnecting with your INNER SPARK.

She’s in there,

I have always found that having support and community around transitions in life is the best way to come through to the other side. If you are like me, you know how invaluable it is to have that support and fresh new ideas to explore. Are you ready:?

Start feeling like yourself again.

Pay in Full Group Experience


  • Weekly Live Workshops
  • Weekly Energy shifting Micro Sessions
  • Journal Prompts Printable
  • Habit Tracker Printable
  • Celebrations Calendar
  • Weekly Quick Win Check Ins
  • Intimate & dynamic Community 
  • Private FB Group
  • Bonus gifts sent by mail
Bonus Course: The Ultimately You Program

Pay in Full VIP Upgrade:


  • Everything in the Group Experience PLUS:
  • Two 1:1 Sessions (75 mins ea)
  • Two Laser Coaching (in between calls) (20 mins ea)
  • Additional Personalized Gifts sent to you by mail

Bonus Courses:

  • Authentically Pivot
  • The Ultimately You Program
If this is screaming YES in your solar plexus – then, you know what you need to do. Right? Follow the feeling! Let’s do this! Send me a message and I’ll get the registration link with the Thank You Rate applied.


Inner Spark Success Method:

I will guide you in my six step method as we:

  1. Set Aligned Intentions
  2. Create Your New Vision
  3. Release what is not serving you
  4. Align your tasks with your vision
  5. Evaluate and adjust
  6. Celebrate and leap forward!


Which results in developing long lasting change and:
  • Crystal clarity, full commitment, and grounded conviction to what is most important to you.
  • No more monkey-mind chatter, analysis paralysis or resorting to “micromanaging” control mode.
  • Connection to your physical and energetic body.
  • Trusting the wisdom of and listening to the messages from your body.
    Banishing low energy and lack of motivation.
  • Establishing a new practice to generate energy, release and let go of undesired worry.
  • Shifting habits and building new lasting patterns.


In this 6 module Live Round you will learn:
We start on March 1st for a 6 week LIVE ROUND of the program where you will learn unique activities to help you intuitively tune-in to listen and trust your inner knowing so you can transform confidently, and joyfully. Just in time to meet the Spring feeling empowered, energized, and enthusiastic.

Think of creative activities, community, collaboration, easy dance & movement inspiration. (NO dance experience required!)


Limited Space:
Due to the highly personalized interaction, I am limiting the group program to a max of 12 and the VIP spots to 6.



This bears repeating:

If this is screaming YES in your solar plexus – then, you know what you need to do. Right? Follow the feeling! Let’s do this! Send me an email or text and I’ll get the registration link with the Thank You Rate applied.

I look forward to being a part of your journey and helping you (re)ignite that inner spark.