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Movement with Heart™ – Live Class Series – Upper West Side, NYC

  • Overview Worshop - Learn 4 Mind-Body-Spirit Movement Activators

  • Movement with Heart Workshop

    In this class we will gently explore and play energizing my four basic movement activators.
    My mission is to have you walk away having learned something new about yourself and a having new way to touch upon joy, kinesthetically.

  • 4 week Series

  • Week 1: Culitvating the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

    Allowing our bodies to ‘speak to us' and guide us incorporates  several various components. Some or all may work for you. In this 1st of the 4 week series, we will explore the channels to this mind-body-spirt connection. You will leave this class with a personalized list of go-to movements which Patty will help each participant create.

  • Week 2: Grounded, Clear, and Secure

    In this class we will explore movement activators to help you find your ground, to feel safe in your body and a make a connection to your inner body wisdom for clarity and security.

  • Week 3: Creative Abundance Generator

    Exploring the third Activator – Creative Abundance Generator, we will explore movement to free your creativity, expression, and find the flow of openness to generating abundance in your life.

  • Week 4: Forward Motion - Pulling it all together to MOVE.

    It is within action and forward motion that our dreams become reality. This last class allows you to move in space with your mind-body-spirit connection, feeling grounded safe and secure, with complete freedom of creativity and abundance.  In this multi-activated movement your body has the ability to give you signs, signals and guidance you hold within. You will leave this class, Empowered, Energized, Enthusiastic and with a ‘short list' of next steps for your dream creation!

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