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​​Creative, Driven, Fun, Leader ​& Entrepreneur,is this you?…

​You love your work as a Creative Service-Based ENTREPRENEUR, But, you know there must be a better way to manage

  • ​Your ​Website (your biz hub)
  • ​Your ​Integrated Systems
  • Your Automations

​Free EXCLUSIVE Monthly Call ​​to Support you ​in Automating and Leveraging your Online Business:Lucrative laptops Call​​

​This FREE Call is for you if…

  • The online digital business world has you a bit frustrated.
  • ​Automating your life would be Ah-Mazing – if you just knew how!
  • ​Setting up systems feels like a PITA (pain in the **s) – but you really want them.
  • ​The idea of leverage and generating multiple streams of income excites you. 
  • ​You are savvy, passionate, smart, action taker who just needs a little help.
  • ​Learning and growing your biz with other creative ​entrepreneurs is right up your alley.

​Ready to Strategize & ​Systematize?

I can help…

Hi, ​I'm Patty Rose

I work with people who are committed to building their digital presence, growing an engaged email list, and making more time by incorporating automation into their business.

My hybrid approach is a hands-on implementation style of Done With You and Done For You.

Contact me to learn how we can automate your business!

Educator | Entrepreneur | Author

​Digital Strategy, 

Website Design, 

Online Business Coaching

​Talia Castro-Pozo

​Performer / Producer ​


​​Working with Patty Rose has made working on my business more fun that I ever thought it would be. She's a great listener and a wonderful consultant. Her technical savvy approach helps me understand the big picture and to communicate with my followers and clients clearly generating outstanding results. I recommend Patty to anyone looking to improve their web, marketing and social media presence.

​​​Your Success Method


​Get clear and create an action plan aligned with your business goals and heart's desires.


​Automate systems and content so you have less stress and more time for what you love.


​Get your message out, engage with and reach more clients, and connect with community.

 ​Gina Andino



​Patty built my website and taught me how to maximize my time using the already built in functions of the site. 
She has been incredibly flexible, easy to connect with and most importantly, supportive every step of the way.

​​Join the call and…

  • ​Ask questions and get guidance on your online business.
  • ​Connect and grow with like minded, driven creatives.
  • ​Learn from live ‘show and tell' style trainings.
  • ​Get shortcuts and solutions you need.
  • ​Demystify the digital world of online business.
  • ​Free up time to spend in you zone of genius, doing what you love.

​Free EXCLUSIVE ​​Lucrative Laptops ​​ Call​​

3 Phases

​3 ​​Phases ​​​


Website Design

Your Vision Represented. 

Websites are today's interactive business cards​.


​Email ​Marketing

Engage and wow your clients, build your list, Email has an ROI of $38 per $1 invested. (2018)


Sales Funnels

​Funnels and affiliate marketing leverage additional streams of income.


 ​​Sharon Gibson

Author of “From Stuck to Success


​​Patty is a gifted coach and teacher. She is very knowledgeable about the internet business world and online technology. She makes complex tasks for an internet business, simple and doable. She explains step by step what to do. She’s patient and thorough and persistent. She’s committed to quality in what she does and presents. Patty is supportive and exceptionally encouraging with a can do attitude. I highly recommend her.

​I get it…

​​​Support has arrived.

​​It's no secret technology is flying at the speed of light,

​And sometimes, it feels overwhelming and frustrating. 

The most important thing I have found to navigate it all, is to have trusted support. 

That's why I created my

​Lucrative Laptops Q & A Calls.​

​​You can learn from me

My 15 years in Online Business 

​Get pointed in the next direction 

Take the next logical step

​With trusted support

​So you can get to the next phase in your life and your business!

This call is specifically for  Creative, Driven, Fun, Cool Leaders ​& Entrepreneurs​who want support, community, a safe place (and a touch of woo woo b/c sometimes I go thereto ​talk biz ​with like-minded. Is that you?

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​Free EXCLUSIVE ​​Lucrative laptops ​​Q & A Call​​