fresh start

Fresh Start

Fresh Start – Can we have a New Years Day feeling every week?

If we believe that what is in the past is in the past and the future holds the keys to all of our dreams and desires, Then, yes! I do believe we can create a Fresh Start and have a New Years Day feeling every week.

fresh start

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Today, I will take you through some sure fire methods to set you up for your week with a fresh start and a New Years kind of feel!

Due multiple profound family losses this past few months, I have been making a strong effort to focus on and talk with you about acceptance and appreciation. You can read last weeks, “Creative Self Empowerment Solutions to Appreciating Life” blog post here.

With that focus in mind, let's move forward to planning the new week with a fresh clear start and a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to what you can create and achieve!

Have fun with this one and come back and let me know how it went. While it's great to do this for personal as well as business – today our focus is on business for Creative Entrepreneurs. Here is my exact process for setting up. I do this full process anytime I need a fresh start and feel the need for a clean slate, and I do some version of it each and every week to plan for success, to re-align and to be focused on what is most important to achieve.

Play Music:

Music is one of my favorite gifts in the world. Play music, whatever you are in the mood for. It will help you FEEL what is inside. It will help you connect to the emotion of what it is your body and spirit want you to know. You can't pick the wrong thing. Just pick some music and let it fill your space for you.

Get Into Your Body:

How you approach this may change day to day. Some days this will mean actually MOVING your body, dancing, working out, walking, jumping around silly, to get your juices flowing. Other days, you may need to close your eyes, sit still and ask your body what it needs for you to know, listen to what it would like for you to process, and let it flow gently and freely. There is no wrong or right way here. Just follow the lead – your body will tell you what to do.

Pen to Paper:

Part 1: Old school it – Pen in hand, blank sheet under your nose, WAIT. Wait. wait. you many have to wait and you may feel great resistance. Just wait. Then, once you are moved. write, write, write. Fee journal and let it all out.

Part 2: Take Stock of all you accomplished last week. Take inventory on what worked and what didn't, list out all and give yourself credit for all you did last week. Can you believe what a Wonder Women you were?  

There is no right or wrong way to write. Just put the pen to paper and let it flow out.

Inspired Priority:

From your list circle items you accomplished that lit you up inside. Circle the ones you are most proud of. Then, highlight the top three. Use THESE to begin your plan for the following week. We all have the to-do tasks that are mundane and required for everyday living. But, THIS list is the one that your heart will determine for you. When we prioritize based on what inspires us, the path becomes more clear and and easier to follow. When finding inspiration – guess what – there is no wrong way, your way is THE way, the best way, the only way.

Clear Space for the New:

Clean up and clear out any old paper work or lingering tasks from last week that can distract you or get in the way of your focus. Declutter your desks, clean out your pen jar, set up your workspace, in an effort to allow the energy to flow freely with little distractions. Uniquely you, create your space in a way that makes you feel joy. Of course, you can't get it wrong, it's to your design.

Did you notice a common thread here? Did you see that no matter HOW you do this, is the right way to do it? Give yourself permission to make the time and space to nurture your mind-body-spirit and simply let the rest flow. You deserve that time to yourself.

Give yourself permission to make the time and space to nurture your mind-body-spirit and simply let the rest flow. Click To Tweet
Inspiration is Everywhere!

Patty Rose

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Creative Self Empowerment Solutions to Appreciating Life

Creative Self Empowerment Solutions to Appreciating Life

Life knocked on my door in unwelcome ways a few times recently which has left me feeling like I needed to figure out some Creative Self Empowerment Solutions to Appreciating Life. I've been thinking about that old saying, you know the one, “when life gives you lemons…”

Creative Self Empowerment Solutions to Appreciating Life

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Sometimes there is a surplus (not such a good one) — just too many lemons — and there is a need for another recipe, to sweeten it up, to make more than just lemonade.

You have to really, dig deep, and find creative self empowerment solutions to appreciating life. The need arises to find other solutions and ways to generate a new (more desired) result to the way you feel.

I’ve had to do this in my personal life a lot lately with these compounded losses in my family this year. Those lemons were big, and coming way too fast.

Several years ago, the last time I was knocked over by a ton of lemons, I turned away from my lifelong go-to healing tools and I ended up sad and isolating myself – foreign invaders I had never know before.

This time around, I knew I couldn't let that happen. In an effort to create new pathways for these emotions to process I turned to the things that have been my friends in the past. With conscious and consistent effort I dove back into these activities, everyday – my journaling, gentle moving, weight training, and music, – lots and lots of music.

As I write, I find answers hidden deep within my soul to questions I didn’t realize I had, as I heal through movement, music, and reflection, I become more and more inspired to guide, lead and step into my truest calling.

For creative entrepreneurs, these lessons crossover into business and entrepreneurial practices.

Cultivating your calling and fine tuning your message is an ongoing endeavor. A labor of love. A Creative journey on a windy path of exploration.

So, here’s what I got for ya, Creative Self Empowerment Solutions to Appreciating Life

and how to feel better, stronger and empowered when life it tossing too many lemons your way:

Support. Support. Support.:
Find, build, create, and then hold on tight to your support system, a mix of friends family that will hold you up, let you cry, listen to you vent and set you straight when you need to hear the truth you are not telling to yourself.

My support system; my family and dear friends make one beautiful quilt of unwavering support. We show up, we give, we share and we heal together, time after time.
Allow Yourself to Be Where You Are:
Honor time alone, solitude, reflection, be where you are in the moment. It may be challenging to carve out alone time, but it will be well worth it.
Yikes, that's a tough one, right? I admit, this one may take a little extra effort, but I highly recommend making accepting your circumstances a priority. In my experience, when the focus is on acceptance, a new space is opened up for appreciation, and that is where the real stuff lies.
Gratitude, appreciation, gratefulness, being thankful, these are all creative ways we find to make those lemons sweet, to use them up with a little sugar. Taking stock in who you love, who loves you, remembering your basic necessities which are so often overlooked, considering that support system we spoke of earlier, and the list continues…
Inspiration is Everywhere!

Patty Rose

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We will:

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So get here and get the details right away!

New Year's wish

A cup of herbal tea and a New Year’s Wish

Would you like to join me for a cup of herbal tea and a New Year's Wish?

I am seeing a common thread among the women I work with and it’s no big surprise. So, I’m here to offer as a calming moment, like a cup of herbal tea, a New Year's wish, to help you release the old and bring in the new, grounded, calm enthusiasm or the new year.

The pressure to enjoy the holiday with family while you simultaneously get prepped for the new year AND…

  • plan out your marketing strategy
  • be clear on your goals
  • decide what you will offer
  • determine how you will show up for your audience…

Whew! It can all be completely overwhelming,

Have you felt it? The Holiday family time and your business goals mounting?

I sure did and in this past week there was little to no time for

  • journaling
  • planning
  • client work or
  • Putting the final touches on all that I want to create and manifest for the new year.

I had with it the emotions of having the first Christmas without my mom. It's a deep and moving process this level of grief.

It all generated a perfect storm, an intense sense of urgency on life.

So much so, that I had what am calling my year-end melt down a few days ago.
I was in the midst of holiday travel, seeing family from both sides, driving long distances in traffic, feeling the emotions of the holiday, navigating the grief, living out of suite case, sleeping in strange environments (no matter how lovely the hotels may have been). I met my threshold.

It was the point where my mind and body came together and said, Enough.

The tears just flowed. I let my body go limp and my limbs relax, let the wave wash over me and allowed it to take with it all the pressure mounting over me. Click To Tweet

The tears just flowed. I let my body go limp and my limbs relax, let the wave wash over me and allowed it to take with it all the pressure mounting over me.

One good thing about meltdowns is that they clear out a bunch of crap.

They help crystallize the view.

They bring the priority to the surface.

All the pressures washed away. The pressure to be something someone else expects, pressure to say things a particular way, pressure to be ‘on' and happy.

The wave let it all go.

Gently, cleansing as it all washed away.

And, I felt better. Refreshed, relieved, clear.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and I invite you to let make the transition gentle.

  • Is there something you can release so that you can come into the new year with calm, peace of mind and a centered heart?
  • What can you leave behind in a GENTLE manner rather than adding pressure?
  • What feels to you like a cup of herbal tea and a New Year's wish?


My New Year's Wish for you is that you go into the new year with gentle self-guidance, self-sconfidence, self-trust, and hope. That you experience joy, laughter, and prosperity. 

Happy New Year! 

Inspiration is Everywhere.

Patty Rose

PS – Would you like to join me for  a cup of tea? A Skype chat where we can talk about how you want to become aligned for this new year and follow your heart and be inspired for success? It's simple, click here.

A High Vibe Pick Me Up!

An easy and fun way to shift into High Vibe when you are feeling low energy

I literally did this for myself this weekend when I needed to feel a high vibe and pick myself up. When your energy is low and you can't seem to get your head in the game or you feel lethargic and out of focus, you may just need a quick and easy pick me up to shift to a high vibe and get re-engerized.
First of all, it was a rainy day, on top of that the end of the year has me all in an urgency tizzy and navigating the holidays after recent loss of my mom has created a need to apply extra mindful focus and conscious shifting. Ugh – life is so tender these days.
So, to get into a higher state and increase my energy and get into a high vibe, I grabbed one of my go-to's from my toolbox and It worked. It always works. I wanted you have have it for your toolbox of inspiration, too.
Seems like whenever you are feeling low you can get stuck in a downward spiral effect that happens when the your low energy effects everything else you need to do.

It is totally normal to not want to move or do anything and it's hard to get motivated when we are in a lower energy. So, here is a high vibe mind-body activity you can do right now.  (Oh I sure now how crying in bed and watching tv is so much more attractive when we feel low – isn't it?)… But, there is a very simple way to raise into a high vibe.

The trick is… that your solution has to be: 


Here's how you can get RAISE INTO A HIGH VIBE,
shift your energy and FEEL Better Instantly.

Give it a try now:

Muster up one positive thought.

Just one – even a little tiny one, something you believe in. Bonus points for writing it on a sticky and putting where you'll see it.

MOVE for the shift.

Do some silly dance, shake your stuff, jump around the room, do hip circles, do some arm sways…What ever movement you choose is a-okay.

Most of all  – IMPORTANT piece:

Say your statement WHILE you are dancing, moving, swaying.


Watch what happens. Allow it to evolve and your energy raise. Notice as the statement shifts and grows how the movement becomes the director of the sequence. Witness how your words become your very own song. FEEL into the shifts, the laughter, the tears, the questions, what ever flows. Then, let anything you don't need pass. Find the high vibe and feel into it. 
Probably, at the very least raise your level so you feel better and even more likely, you will feel and become enthusiastic, happy, joyful, with a much higher vibration to go be inspired to CREATE. BUILD.SHARE.™
Inspiration is Everywhere.
Patty Rose
Last month se talked about #Clarity and simple solutions to getting crystal clear. You can watch those trainings here.
clarity month or creative driven entrepreneurs

Crystal Clarity

Are you ready to gain Crystal Clarity?

It's Clarity Month here at Patty Rose Enterprises! We are super excited, Our focus is on a few simple to use and very doable solutions to gain Crystal Clarity. I fell in love with this quote that sums up why we would even consider doing an entire month on clarity alone: “There are few things more powerful than a life lived with passionate clarity.” ~Erwin McManus

So if you are ready to go deep within, start digging for your inner goal, and gain some crystal clarity. We'll be working on goals to help you clarify what you want to achieve, who you want to become, and how you want to show up in the world.

For challenges, broadcasts, FB Live Chats, Musings and Lessons join us on CreateBuildShare™ on FB. If you would rather stick around and start reading the first post of our Crystal Clarity Blog Post Series, Today's Mantra: Just Try One More Time! click here.

Crystal Clarity

Inspiration is Everywhere.

Patty Rose

Do you ever suffer from Technology Overwhelm?

Do you ever suffer from Technology Overwhelm?

Do you know that feeling of excitement when yout are about to go out and offer your program or service? The feeling when the fire that gets ignited because you have a glimpse of all you can create in your business when you share your incredible gifts with the world? And then, BAM! You get hit with technology overwhelm! and the feeling shifts to one of overwhelm, discouragement, and defeat? Ugh, the time it takes to figure out all the working pieces + the trial and error process can really stop a girl in her tracks!

If you are feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed read on this post may have your solutiong. Sometimes the thing we need most is help with the TECHNOLOGY of sharing your SERVICE or product, knowing what TOOLS to USE, undertstanding what STEPS to TAKE first, and learning HOW to IMPLEMENT getting your offer out there.

Techie Butt Kicker Session

technology-overhwhelmI would like to invite you to a 90 -minute, “Techie Butt Kicker Session” is designed to help you eliminate technology overwhelm so you can get your offers out quickly and effieciently – and therefore bring in money and sales, and grow your business.

I get it!

When I started 10 years ago, I had a small budget, and lots of questions. Lucky for me, I had the a little unknown love for technology. I pushed through all the trial and error and at times I wondered if I could figure it all out. The good news for you is that, I did figure it out. So much so that I build a business around helping my clients elimiate technology overwhelm with step by step ahnd holding process and education. It's the one thing I didn't have that I continually wished for. Therefore, I want to provide that for you!

This is a 1:1 private, hand-holding overwhelm abolisher!

In this 90 minutes, You and I will look at what you want to offer, get clear on the immediate purpose, map out how to implement it + what technology is needed, determine which of those you can do on your own and which you may need to hire help for…AND… when possible – implement on the spot!

All this puts YOU in the driver’s seat + empowers you to run your online business more effectively and efficiently, AND will FAST TRACK you to getting your services and offers out + money coming in.

Here's what we can do together during your 1:1 90-minute session to eliminate technology overwhelm:

Together, we will:

  • Clarify your most immediate offer to promote so we can move ahead quickly.
  • Determine the best tools and software for delivery for YOUR offer (it may be a plugin, a calendar tool, a pay link, a sales page, an autoresponder, an optin integration, amazon S3, etc) so you know what's needed.
  • We’ll go over options + I will help you make specific decisions customized to your offer to eliminate any choice confusion.
  • Map out the plan for the funnel process (from pay link to your deliverables) giving you a solid foundation.
  • Begin to IMPLEMENT with screen share training on any of the technology needed (on the spot teaching or done for you when possible within the time allowed) so you can cross things off your list.
  • Create your “Logical Next Steps” plan of action for you to follow and refer to over and over.
  • Kick Overwhelm in the Butt! Because it just feels good!

After this session you will:

  • Feel in control of the technology for your offer
  • Re-Ignite your excitement for how this techie stuff can uplevel your business
  • Be empowered to follow this process anytime you want to put something out
  • Get sh** done by implementing on the spot (as much as possible)
  • Fast track your offer from an idea in your mind to a reality that brings in $$
  • Have confidence + clarity + a plan of action

The investment is only $127! Are you ready to kick technology overwhelm in the butt?

–>>PLUS<<– As a bonus you will also get a very special discounted rate for my Done For You services for any work that you can not do on your own and may need additional help with. You will gain access to my team and I + we will have your project completed before the end of 2016 at a super VIP client rate!

I have opened space for 10 women who resonates with this. Take advantate today so you can grab your Hands-on, Private, 90-minute “Techie Overwhelm Butt Kicker. ABOLISH TECHNOLOGY OVERWHELM and finally get your offer out there now.