Pick One Thing for Laser Focused Success with Digital Business

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My goal will with this laser focused bite sized trainings is for you to grow in one area of business at a time. To succeed and excel in a way that you may not have been able to in the past. I will be providing education, offering solutions, creating trainings, and sharing resources for each Pick One Thing Topic. I cannot wait to help you get laser focused and action based so you can build the business and earn the money you are striving toward.

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About me

Founder of Create.Build.Share.™, Dance Strong™, The Inspirations System™, Author, Speaker, Get things Done Kind of Coach.

Patty Rose

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Transition Breakthrough – 14 Day Reset to a New Mindset

Transitions big and small can feel like a foggy hot mess. RESET and RE-FRAME what’s happening in your transition.

- Daily Check-ins for fun and easy shift

- Raise your vibration everyday

- Re-frame your thoughts on transition and move forward with better ‘inner-sight’

- Collaborate with amazingly cool, action taking, heart-centered women.

- Move through transition more smoothly, freely and quickly.

AND, we will have tons of bonuses – like surprise “T-Parties” and so much more I have up my sleeve busting to share with you!

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We start October 15, 2018

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