Success Happens When You Feel Aligned

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Success Happens When You Feel Aligned

Hey there, Creative Soul! 🌟

I opened up my project and said, Well, hello gorgeous! This is how we creatives experience work and Success Happens When You Feel Deeply Aligned with Your Work. Have you ever felt this way? Have you experience feeling so deeply aligned with your creations that you held it in such a place to give it a name, feel excited to be with it, talk with it, even? If you said yes – my creative soul, I see you. Read on.

Let’s be clear and honest about things for and sec. — As a creator and a creative the journey is full of ups and downs. And, it’s not for the faint of heart.

But, you are tough, and strong, and amazing, and creative and you KNOW that honoring the dance and flow of it all is one of the most significant things you can do on that journey.

A little story

In this presentation, I told the story my experience and how Success Happens When You Feel Deeply Aligned with Your Work

Sometimes ya just need a little reminder. A little hand up, a little renewed inspiration.

So, remember this…

Connect with your inner voice, listen to your own wisdom – shutting out the noise and distractions – and trust the dance of YOUR Process. Identify where you are in that process and take one more step toward falling in love with (fill in the blank) your work, your project, your business, your life…

You can practice this with:

  • oracle cards
  • mediation
  • journals
  • nature
  • movement
  • music
  • Support from your biz bestie
  • a change of scenery…

There was a time that I was seeking this love and connection for my work – and I was not honoring the messages in my body, my heart, my soul. When I began to pay attention, to that message from my heart and soul – the shift happened naturally. You make room for success to happens when you feel deeply aligned with your work

What is calling to you? Pay close attention to what comes to you in the quiet of the night. What is the call aligning you with? Keep practicing and follow your truth for fulfillment.

Creative Transformation -Trusting the Dance of Life Oracle Deck is like having a creativity partner on your journey to showing up as your Vibrant, Confident, Rejuvenated Self.❣️

sample view of The Dance of Vibration Card from the card deck Creative Transformation - Trusting the Dance of Life.

I hope this content has inspired you to take action towards your dreams. I can't wait to see what amazing things you will accomplish with your newfound confidence and creativity! Come connect with me and share your updates.

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