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​Why ​​​Mastering Your Success Mindset Matters

  • 1​​​Tame Your ​Monkey Mind
  • 2​Claim Your Inner Super Powers
  • 3​​Enhance Relationships
  • 4Improve Health & Well-Being
  • 5​Make Quantum Leaps in Business & Life
  • 6​Gain Enthusiasm & Optimism About Success


​In the M​indset Mastery Workshop ​You will Experience​

​3 ​Module Live Training​​ + Recordings + Bonuses + More!

​Module 1: ​Belief ​Awareness

​Instructor: Helen Raptoplous

​This Module will show you that you don't have to live with your beliefs just as they are. You will learn, and be encouraged to question and challenge those beliefs that are holding you back and causing you to feel stuck. By the end of this session you will be able to focus clearly on the thoughts and beliefs that will serve and support you on your quest to being the very best version of yourself.

​Module 2: ​Stimulate Motivation adn Find Enthusiasm

​Instructor: ​​Patty Rose

Learn how to access and use ​your ​enthusiasm. Creating a mindset that makes you feel ​great is often considered work, and associated with things like speaking affirmations​ or digging deep into your desires. While those are great activities that can support ongoing mindset shifts, there is a much more natural way to achieve this mindset up level. Your enthusiasm! 

​Instructor: ​​Donna Kim-Brand​

Module 3: Expand Perception

By seeking ways to expand our perception of the life unfolding in front of us and becoming bolder in our imagination of what is possible, our life path opens more widely with opportunities and challenges…or are they adventures? It depends on how you perceive them and respond to them, accordingly…

Central Park, NYC

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​Patty Rose

Patty Rose is an Empowerment Business Coach who works with creative entrepreneurs to execute a digital version of the business and life they love.

​A creative entrepreneur herself, Patty has turned her passions into her business, Patty Rose Enterprises. She has combined her expertise as a dance instructor, fitness professional, entrepreneur and online business strategist to create a diverse set of tools including Meaningful Movement™, Dance Strong™, and her teaching model, Create • Build • Share™.  All to inspire creative entrepreneurial women to gain inner clarity, create online businesses, build a digital presence and share their unique gifts with the world in a way that makes them feel proud.

​Patty has a B.A. in Dance from Hofstra University, with movement certifications with Dance Educators of America and the Aerobic and Fitness Foundation of America. She is also digitally certified as an Email Marketing Specialist and WordPress Consultant.​

​Helen Raptoplous

​Helen Raptoplous is a Lifestyle Design Coach and advocate for people to live their ideal life, the one they daydream about! She works closely with her clients to be aware of the things that hold them back and teaches them the best practices to optimize the results they get. Her foundational focus in in making sure their  goals are aligned with their day to day choices.

Helen is often saying that what you think about becomes what you believe, and what you believe highly influences what you do. She works with her clients to change how they see things, because by being aware of their thoughts and changing their beliefs, they'll be much more likely to reach their goals, and step into the person they most want to become.

Her company is AIM For Ideal. She has been a lifelong learner of psychology and all things personal development. She has multiple Coaching certifications and credentials and has been an entrepreneur her entire adult life. Serving and supporting people to actualize their ideal life is her mission as well as her passion. Learn more about her at AIMForIdeal.com

​​Donna Kim-Brand

​​Through her company ‘Game Changer Thinking’, Donna provides dynamic, interactive experiences live & online for skill building and application to business & personal development through leveraging your Thinking, Learning, Creativity & Creative Collaboration so you are aligned, strategic and impactful with your Business and Living Legacy. Her approach is based on the latest in applied neuroscience & decades of experience across multiple sectors internationally.

As a coach, Donna works with professionals to develop their Legacy Strategy. Her new project is Living Legacy Camp, a live workshop experience to skill ChangeMakers and Boomers facing retirement seeking to design next steps that thrill and fulfill them, whether moving up in their existing job, moving over to entrepreneurship or moving out to add value in the impact sector. This will be supported by an online community for engagement & resource sharing.

Donna is author of 7 books and host of her own radio show on the SOBRadioNetwork.com, Living Legacy Leadership. Also check out GameChangerThinking.com.

​​We're Including all this to​Master Your Mindset

​Live + Recorded Trainings

​We will be teaching live workshops as well as hosting the recordings for your future reference.

​Printable Forms + Activities

​All necessary supporting materials for the course will be available for you to download and use over and over again!

​Community + Collaboration

​Spend time with like minded, success minded people in a community of support and collaboration in our private group. ​


What People Are Saying…


Thank you for inspiring all of us, Patty… here’s a virtual standing ovation!

​​“​​…She was a fantastic host for us, and I know you know… it starts with HOW YOU FEEL. Thank you for inspiring all of us, Patty… here’s a virtual standing ovation!”

​Angelia Jia Kim (​​Savor The Success)


​​Patty Rose is the ultimate optimist and kept me focused on my end goal.

“​Patty Rose is the ultimate optimist and kept me focused on my end goal. She was supportive when I was feeling overwhelmed, and was able to give me a manageable plan that made the next steps easier to accomplish. She gently pushed me to go to the next level, yet let my plan evolve in a way that felt natural. I always felt positive after our conversations, and her encouraging, focused approach was a big part of that.”

​Jennifer (​Creative Entrepreneur)


​She is a caring person with a balanced approach to coaching in support of personal growth and self-sufficiency.

“I find Donna Kim-Brand to be a highly intellectual, cultured and creative individual with great capacity to genuinely connect with anyone. She is compassionate, intuitive, mindful and curious about those she encounters and the energetic work she is able to share with them. She is well-versed in a range of evolutionary praxis for expanding one’s potential. She is a caring person with a balanced approach to coaching in support of personal growth and self-sufficiency.”

​​Tina Rongers (​President of KarnerBlue Era, LLC)


​​She ​puts her whole heart into her work.

“Helen is warm, sweet and puts her whole heart into her work. She always has a fresh approach, a unique way of looking at things and adding that fresh perspective to turn any situation around.She is a natural born cheerleader and motivator and you can FEEL that she truly cares. She is the essence of “the wind beneath your wings”, supporting, empowering and encouraging. She is known for going the extra mile and will give generously of her time and energy to make sure you achieve your goals.”

​​Tamara Corbin (​​Entrepreneur)

Is This Course Right For You?

​This for you if you're…

  • check-circle-o​serious about making some changes in life
  • check-circle-o​sick of giving away your power
  • check-circle-o​want to play bigger + overcome self-doubt
  • check-circle-o​willing to put in time & energy to get results

​It isn't for People who ​…

  • times-circle-o​expect results from information alone
  • times-circle-o​dabble rather than make a true commitment
  • times-circle-o​avoid taking action
  • times-circle-o​expect a magic pill to fix life

We can't promise or guarantee your specific results. Results depend on the work and the effort of each individual. 

However, we are committed to providing you the best possible program and value for you! If you attend the first class and it is not what you were expecting, we'll refund your investment.


​Bonuses, too… ​Because we want to support you!

​We love teaching and our workshop will provide incredible insight and value. AND, we also know that you will likely need continued support. Check out the​se bonuses we created just for you…

Access to a private Facebook Group

​Community and collaboration with like minded members and interaction witt your trusted instructors who will be leading this private group.


Exclusive ​​​Implementation Training

​For fast action takers only. This is highly limited and a SUPER VALUABLE Bonus that gives a ​followup, action setting training to help you implement and anchor your desires. First Come First Serve!


​​Bonus Lifetime ​Access

​You will gain access to a member portal with the recording and all workshop materials.

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  • ​Lifetime Access
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