Love Hard, Inc. – Jolene Collins, Owner

Love Hard, Inc. – Jolene Collins, Owner

Love Hard, Inc produces sriracha “the sriracha that many others had been waiting for: high quality ingredients, no preservatives, very little sugar and damn delicious..”

Love Hard, Inc.

Splash page set up to capture emails  and promote connection via social media networks to build relationships until their website was launched.

  • E-commerce consult
  • Creation of splash page
  • Auto-responder set up
  • List creation and design
  • Email Marketing Consult

Patty was extremely helpful to work with! My business was growing and I needed to make some serious decisions about re-launching our e-commerce website, Patty walked me through all of my options, explaining the technical and financial details in a way that I could actually understand. She made sure she really understood what I needed and I can say for certain that I was able to make the best decision for my business with her help. I could not have done it without her!


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August 18, 2018