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Are You Ready to Take on the World with Your Creative Genius?

Ideas are wonderful, they are the bedrock and foundation for your lifestyle business.

Putting ACTIOM behind them is what gives them

Take Control by Taking Fast Action 

Grow your business with on the spot implementation and
additional ‘done for you' tech.

Work with me – 1:1 – leveling up your business to AWESOME and bring your Dreams and Ideas to Life – Online! So, you can focus on doing your PASSION based work, and sharing your creative genius with the world.

What is the VIP Intensive?

10 Days, You and Me. Extreme focus on ONE project to propel your business forward.

1:1 Strategy + Planning

  • We start with a strategy call to get clear on the big picture and map out our plan of action for our in-person implementation day.
  • Then we meet for our VIP in-person ACTION Meeting to Implement the strategy on the spot!
  • Support and follow up provided
  • We wrap it up with a solid VISION for what to focus on next.
  • Plus, any training you may need to maintain what we've put in place!

The Outcome and Goals

  • Have a strategic plan to LEVERAGE + AUTOMATE your business
  • TheSOFTWARE or TECH needed to set that up (4 hours DFY tech tasks)
  • Development of your online business and presence FAST!
  • 1:1 In-Person (NYC LOCAL) OR Live Virtual –  with Patty Rose (4 hrs)
  • Templates, Software + Resources as needed

Customized to You

  • Identify what needs to happen IMMEDIATELY to grow your online business.
  • Learn NEXT STEPS you can take on your own.
  • Tasks you can OUTSOURCE and have DONE FOR YOU.
  • Determining FREE or premium software you will need.
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU: Chose one of the three project types listed below.

Choose 1 of these 3 project types for your intensive!

Create Your Program

Oh, if you love to get into spiritually creative side of business, this is for you! You will creating a program from your inner core that lights you up and gets your juices flowing. Small product, program or optin giveaway. (Program application will be accepted prior to intensive.)


Build Your Challenge

Imagine all the moving pieces of your very own ‘Challenge' created, generated, & released into the Universe. Choose this project type to expand on your reach, grow your list and build your challenge to share your message and light up the internet with your creative genius.

Share Your Message

Consistent inner connected, heart-centered, true-to-YOU content is what you need to share your message and to drive traffic to your programs and services. This project you will get content created, written, filmed, placed, planned…so you can start sharing like a queen.

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The L.A. City Chick

L.A. Experience Expert

Rebecca, shares her incredible results...

My name is Rebecca and I started a brand called The LA City chick. Currently my focus is on hosting authentic LA experiences for people…using Airbnb Experiences as my platform…

I started about 10 weeks ago and I have to say that I could not have gotten where I have gotten  without Patty.

Patty has been the person who is keeping me focused, setting me with intention, as well as giving me concrete guidelines of things I need to accomplish.

I'm a person who can get lost in all of my ideas that I'm constantly turning out. I knew that I needed somebody to hold me accountable and somebody who is keeping me motivated.

There have been times along this journey where I have said, ”You know what? I don't know what I'm doing. I don't I don't feel like people are going to take me seriously.”

Patty has kept me in the right mindset and always moving on the next steps forward…

What was particularly amazing is that …

if she can read that [a task] might be anxiety inducing she will cut it down for me and [say], “you know what? We'll do that and baby steps” and

it has been amazing because I know that I have a tendency to doubt myself and get a little scared about certain steps that are just beyond my scope, like applying for my business license.

So, I know that I could not have done this without Patty. Like I said I started this 10 weeks ago, I met with Patty 12 weeks ago and I'll tell you where I am today…

Tomorrow is my first sold out tour. Which is amazing. It's a Thursday night and I've had almost sold out tours even on Tuesday nights. It has been an incredible experience. The CEO of Air BNB Experiences … was on my tour last night…

I truly feel like without having this mentorship that Patty gives and the guidance that she gives, the motivation, the encouragement, and just the concrete keeping me in action….

For me, it's always been about staying in the process of action and not just you know coming up with ideas. Cuz, I can do that all day long but somebody who's holding me accountable, making sure that I'm taking the next steps in growing my business has just been incredible….

Trust that Patty really has your back and will take you from first idea seed into the next level.


3 Simple Steps

1. Clarity

Lasor focus can only happen when you are crystal clear on the who, what, why, when and how. We will  narrow down and clarify these aspects. Clarity breads confidence.

2. Action

Once you have clarity, and the strategic plan for execution in place, you have the confidence to move forward. That's where action comes in.

3. Completion + Celebration

The satisfaction of completing a project is a rewarding accomplishment. This will be an intense 10 days, which at the end you will celebrate your results based work!

Book Your Call

This complimentary call will help you and I decide if this is the right program for you.

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