Patty Loves: 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs

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I created this 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs blog post because picking up some good deals for your business and finding ways to make more money in this challenging time can be a good place to shift focus for a little while. Oh, and it just so happens to land on my Patty Loves Post day (the last Friday of the month) AND… YES, I sure do love shopping a great deal.

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of mental focus shifts and perseverance on any ‘regular' day. There is no denying 2020 has sucked for so many many reasons and made it more challenging. I have also been practicing as well as teaching my clients that we can pull from the ‘silver linings’ and focus on the things that were actually good during this year. Hey – ya know what – we still have a few weeks to rock the sh** out of 2020 and show who’s boss. Need some direction?

Drum roll please…

To help you do just that, I have my very own program available in this Patty Loves: 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Have Deals for Entrepreneurs list. I’m so excited, so be sure to scroll through and see what I'm offering as well as which resources you can grab that will be helpful for making the most out of what’s left of 2020 AND setting up for SUCCESS in 2021~

Software and business tech tools are one if my favorite things that I spend a ton of time and money on throughout the year – and this Patty Loves: 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Have Deals for Entrepreneurs makes it just a bit sweeter!

Limited Lifetime Deals

One of the newer deal types that have become very popular over the past year or two is Limited Lifetime Deals (LTD). These lifetime deals give you a chance to invest in a software now, for a limited time, at a deeply discounted rate – and then never pay again. That sounds amazing! And it is. And, I have kicked myself once or twice for letting a LTD go. So grab the ones below while you can. Because no one likes FOMO.

I have narrowed it all down sharing some of my favorites for you. Some are tools I grabbed last black Friday or during that year that I can not live without. Others are tools and resources I have had my eye on and am grabbing for my own biz during this 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Have Deals for Entrepreneurs.

After years in the online business world, I have become a bit of a software (wanna be) geek. I have fun researching, testing, and trying out many of them – some with frustration and others with ease. I make recommendations on the best and my personal favorites for my private clients everyday. I’m sharing that with you here now.

First things first – I just got to share with you an amazing favorite.

Guys, THIS is one of my absolute favorite tools. And while it may not be an actual 2020 Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal, it IS deeply discounted LTD and well worth the investment!

Thrive Cart is a shopping cart system, affiliate system platform, a landing cart page builder that I am currently using for my own business. You can see an example on my 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Have Deals for Entrepreneurs listing of my own product.

I am so happy with this purchase. I believe it is worth taking a look at this Lifetime Deal before it goes away. Of all the software options I have tested for both shopping carts AND affiliate platforms, this one has blown them all away!

The service is top notch, the commitment to further develop and add to an already amazing product, the community who use ThriveCart, and the actual ease of use of the software – has been a life saver for my biz and a welcomed mind blowing suprise. Do not miss this LTD, I LOVE it.

Check out Thrive Cart Here

Patty Loves/ 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday/ Must Have Deals for Entrepreneurs ThriveCart - Special offer
Patty Loves/ 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday/ Must Have Deals for Entrepreneurs ThriveCart - Special offer

Here's what you can expect to learn in this 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs:

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

If you’ve ever had trouble making the decisions about which to software to chose, which platform is best, you know it can be daunting. That all ends now. I’ve created this list for you based on programs I use, love and / or know have a good rep around the online business community. Read on – I made this so easy to follow.

All you have to do is click and shop. How fun is that?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become an exciting few days offering opportunities to get the best deals of the year on software and online business tools and resources! This weekend has stretched to include several days of promotions. And the deals have started rolling out earlier and earlier every year.

Full Disclosure –

The following most or all of the links in this post are affiliate links. What does that mean? By purchasing through these links I may receive a commission – at NO Additional cost to you. The price you pay is the same either way. That said, I only recommend programs and products I am willing to use myself and recommend to my clients. I am a customer/user of several companies here on this list, some for 10+ years!

Have Fun Shopping!

Quick View: More details for each item below:

Make your emails interactive with AWeber and AMP for Email

Accept your install from Patty Rose Enterprises WP Engine Cyber Weekend Promotion – 5 months free on annual shared plans. Active 11/20 – 12/2 Divi WordPress Theme

Constant Contact

Course Product Creation Deals for 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs

Teachable! I have tried a TON (I told you I'm a little geeky like that) of programs, WordPress plugins, membership portals, you name it. I have landed on Teachable as my favorite coure creation platform and house all of my courses on my school there

No matter how many others I test out, I continually find Teachable to be the most user friendly dashboard. You can put your programs, courses and workshops, free giveaways, create bundles, use coupons, sales pages, track students progress, create quizzes, and earlier this year they launched a coaching option. The ease of use for both you as the admin as well as from the students prospective makes this a very strong contender for consideration.

I have my Create.Build.Share.™ Online school on teachable where I teach Entrepreneurial Mindset ,Digital Strategy and Tech How-To Trainings for Creative Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

Here’s what you’ll need to know about a purchasing decision for Teachable – not all the features are available in every plan. Make sure you think ahead of what you want to do so you can use the features you will need. I recommend if you need to, get the free or lowest plan, create your school, and begin your first course. I find that setting the course outline within the platform, helps me to visualize what I'm building out and generates ideas on how to perfect it. Once you are ready to launch, upgrade for the more involved features which you will likely need and want.

You can start with a Teachable Free Trial Here

Or take a a look at the Teachable 2020 Black Friday Deal here.

Here’s a pic of one of mine courses on my Teachable School:

Screenshot of scholl on Teachable

Hosting for Deals for 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs

There are a TON of hosting companies out there. Choosing a hosting company can seem very confusing.  These are my two favorites. Consider choosing a hosting company that offers both phone support and also include SSL certificates at no additional charge. When it comes to hosting, those are two ‘but of course' features I expect.

WP Engine: A top of the line absolute favorite of mine is WP Engine. I use WP Engine for my sites and for a WordPress managed host – I think this is one of the best. The support is stellar.

BlueHost: Blue Host has been around a long time and I have had several of my sites hosted with Blue Host on and off for years. It's super affordable and a great way to way to go.

Email Marketing Deals for 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs

AWeber: Last year I become and ACE AWeber Certified Expert. I had been using AWeber for my own business for 10+ years and teaching my clients how to use it for theirs. Becoming an ACE was a simple decision to make as I love this email marketing platform. It is user friendly, the dashboard makes it easy to create and start building your email list right way. It's also an AMAZING place to start even BEFORE you have a website with a free account and a landing page.

One of my favorite things about them is the high level customer phone support they provide.

Get AWeber here

Premium WordPress Themes Deals for 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs

Elegant Themes: Divi Premium Theme:
I love Divi so much. I build all of my own businesses with Divi as well as the sites I create for clients in my Empowered Woman's Website Program.

If you are ready to build your website or have a designer do it for you – DIvi is the deal! I am also a co-Host for Divi NYC #DiviNYC Meetup Group.I have been hosting the group for two years now. (It is free to join and participate). The community around the Divi and the support by the company Elegant Themes is great testament to how much this product is loved.

Divi WordPress Theme

WordPress Plugins Deals for 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs

Pretty Links: The Only URL Shortener & Link Cloaker You'll Ever Need. This is my favorite URL shortener for many reasons – one in particular is the ability to keep with your branding when creating short links. Everything you need to create and track your links is right there in the dashboard of your WordPress website.

To see it in action, here is an example, of my site using this Pretty Link Pro:

And here's the drum roll!

Patty Rose Deals for 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Haves for Entrepreneurs

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2020 – 2022 Message: Keep holding on, we have to stick together.

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Hold tight, we are in for quite a ride. And in the meantime, please know, I am here to support you.

Stay Healthy and Well,

[Friendly Disclaimer: I may be an affiliate of products, services and programs I recommend. If you choose to do business with these companies, I may get a small commission. Rest assured, I only recommend products and services that I have first hand knowledge or a positive experience with. Using my links does not change the price you pay in any way. Links on this page are affiliate links.]

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