5 Simple Steps to Blogging for Busy, Creative, Entrepreneurs

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Blog Content Overwhelming You?

I had a great conversation with a client and WordPress user about blogging. It's actually a conversation I've had with clients many times. So, I thought I'd share this information with you. This tends to be a common fear for people across the board and I hear the same thing all the time. “It's just so overwhelming!”

I recently put out video post for my Website Done Today Q & A series explaining why blogging is a must. View it here. (opens in a new wind0w)

This post , however, is about the “How to” involved in blogging.

Before we move forward, let me set the stage:

Who is this for?

I am writing specifically to the creative, right brained, entrepreneur. You wear all the hats, you get side tracked, you have intense surges of ideas and creative output. Then, the dry spell comes which is a time when you tend to question everything you do. I know this type very well, I am one of you.

Why me?

Why should I be telling you about how to blog? I am not your expert journalist and blogger. I am not known in the industry as the blogging guru. So, why me? I use my blog, I see the importance of my blog and I love what it can do for my business. I am the typical right brain, creative, I have BIG ideas and dreams and they come to me unannounced and beckoning intense action on the spot. And yet, I am not always in a place that I can act immediately. I've been able to come up with some simple, user friendly strategies to get around my natural processes and tendencies of being a creative soul. Therefore, I may be the perfect person to give you some tips.

I get your overwhelm!

“Content is King” is the saying in the internet marketing circles and it can be rather intimidating. What does an entrepreneur do when they are already wearing all the hats, already working on creation, ideas, and putting energy out to find new clients and fill the pipeline? Living your passion and growing a business are two separate things that we have been forced to combine. How does one now add content creation to the mix?

I have great news for you. If you follow these “5 Simple Steps to Blogging for Busy, Creative, Entrepreneurs” you will find it much easier than you every imagined.

Where to Start:

This is what I want you to start with. Here are my 5 simple steps (very simple) and techniques that I use in my own business for blogging success.

1) Think Small:

A common misconception I hear from my clients is that blogging has to be a long and detailed process. Yes, in fact, this blog post in particular is a few paragraphs long. It is meant to be. I am teaching something with this post and details are necessary. Yet, it is only one solution. You can have blog posts as short as a few sentences or a video with a brief description. The most important aspect of a blog post is that is has value to your readers / visitors. Give value. Give value. Give value. Even if it is short and sweet.

2) Go with the flow:

Life is crazy. Not to mention as creative types we need to ride with an energy and flow that has a mind of it's own. You may be driving, going for a run, on line at the bank… and BAM it hits. That surge of creative energy. The one that makes you feel like you have all the answers. RECORD it IMMEDIATELY (OK – maybe not while you are driving.) Recording your ideas for later implementation is key. Read on for ways to do this in #3 Record Everything.

3) Record Everything:

Everything you do has a potential to be golden. It only takes one idea, one creation to take hold and catapult you and your business to the next level. But, you may not have the opportunity to complete the project when the ideas presents itself, (see #2 Go with the Flow). So, when the idea hits home here are some ways you can record it to insure you have it available when you are back to work.

  • Jot it in a notepad
  • Make a voice memo
  • Leave yourself a voice-mail
  • Send yourself a text
  • Write an email, even if you leave it in draft mode

What ever works in that moment, record it!

4) Re-purpose:

For every piece of content you create, look for at least two other ways it can be used,

For example, a video can be transcribed into an article and an audio mp3. A blog post can be created into a video and and article. Articles can be compiled into an ebook and then narrated into and audio mp3. You see how this works? Once you start thinking of how to capitalize on your creativity, you will have spend less time coming up with new ideas. It's like compounding on you savings. This gives your readers / website visitors an opportunity to chose what modes are most comfortable or convenient for then at the moment.

5) Pre-Schedule:

You have the ability to pre-write, pre-record, and pre-post your blogs with the built in scheduling tool of WordPress is a CMS (content management system) First, decide what days of the week you will blog. What is your frequency? Once a month, twice a week? Then, post the blogs and schedule them to publish on said days. You can effectively post weeks, even months ahead of time allowing you to cross it off your list and and move onto your next project.

Like most things that overwhelm us in life, it is so much easier then the mountain our minds make it out to be. Start to approach blogging in a way that works for your natural process. If you follow these 5 Simple Steps you can will feel more comfortable about creating content and getting it out there and ultimately you will see you business grow.

To Your Online Success!

Patty Rose

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