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Online Biz Tips with Patty Rose topic, 6 Steps to List Building & Email Automation + WHY you’ll really want to do it now.

Building your online business or shall I say the ‘online department’ of your business is comprised of many steps. Pulling those steps come together while ensuring that each singular piece is functioning on its own is a big and very important function for your business. Here are 6 Steps to List Building & Email Automation + WHY you’ll really want to do it now, more than ever.

Among these various components, taking the steps to list building & email correspondence, utilizing email marketing, and setting your autoresponder series for high level communication with your potential and current clients.

I started building my online business in 2004. In the past 15 years, I have created a ton of content, taught educational workshops, wrote several ebooks, filmed videos and courses, build websites, all resulting in hours of creating, building and sharing in the online and digital business world. I can tell you this, if I was to start over today, there are two things I would do differently. First, I would invest in support in a coach and having a team to delegate tasks to much earlier on. Secondly, I would build my list and nurture those relationships from the very first day.

Below is a broad overview of some of the important tips to email and list building you'll need to get started. I hope you find it useful and are able to implement a few new strategies right away.

✅ Amazing Stats to Excite You

Do you find proven information and facts motivating and exciting? Here are some exciting statistics that are sure to do just that. You may find these inspiring enough to light a fire of motivation. Read below it may be time to put some time and energy into your email list built and automation now. Don’t wait engage with your clients on this incredible customer relationship and journey. This is a journey you are both sure to get great value from.

You want to tell you visitors in no uncertain terms, very clearly, and in plain language what to do. Have you ever heard the saying, “A Confused mind never buys”? Well, it is so true and accurate. A confused message will either delay someone from taking immediate action or deter them from taking any action at all. On your website, be very clear about what you are offering and how they can gain access to that offer.

When you are starting out, I highly recommend you use only one CTA per page. You may want to keep it to one clear CTA for the entire website. You can always grow and add on later. Once you have one CTA funnel passively working for you, then you can move on to the next one.

  • Each person on your list the expected return on investment is $1 per month per subscriber.
  • In 2018 the return on investment for email marketing was $38 for each $1 invested.
  • Segmented email marketing campaigns result in a whopping 760% increase in revenue.  (source:
  • The two main goals of email marketing are to grow/retain the customer base (29%) & increase engagement (22%) -Source: Salesforce – State of Marketing 2018
  • Marketing automation tool use is expected to grow by about 95% in the next two years. – Source: Salesforce – State of Marketing 2018

When you invest your energy into your email list, what you are actually investing in is relationships. You are building relationships with people who may become part of your business for years and years to come.

Content Creation Made Easy

The more you personalize your emails, they will become more natural and you will get better at your communication style with it.

Write your emails as though you are talking to one person. Think about one of your favorite clients and pretend you are writing from your personal account to that one person. Try this! And send me a message to let me know if it changes how you write.

Plan Ahead: When you plan your month of marketing and plan your content, plan your emails to go with them – they all go together.

Batch write! Block time when you can just sit and write all (or many) of your emails for the month. Don't edit, just write, get thoughts out and fix and perfect and edit them later!

Batch Schedule. Get ahead of the eight ball. Schedule all your emails for the month at one time (did you know you can do that?) and they will publish while you are off doing something else you love doing.

Build in Accountability! When you set check-ins and commitments with a trusted entrepreneur friend you give yourself one of the most effective ‘get things done' methods around!

While social media is amazing and wonderful  you do not have the ownership of your connections or your content.
Social platforms that you use could decide tomorrow to make changes that effect you. It may not be happen everyday, but it sure is possible and you would have no say in the matter. So, yes, engage in social, and connect and share. But, make sure you are building your list and continually provide value driven communications to your subscribers. The best way to do that is to offer something of value in exchange for an email address. Do that on your website using that CTA we discussed earlier.

✅ Getting the Most Out of Your Email

Segmentation and tagging is the name of the game in email marketing these days. Tagging allows for specifically targeted data to know what your subscribers are interested in receiving from you. Then, you just send them what they want.

By segmenting your list and grouping similar contacts together, you can send relevant information that keeps them interested and gets them to take action.

✅ Here are the 6 Steps to List Building & Email Automation

  1. Create an optin: It has many names, known and referred to as an ethical bribe, a lead magnet, a trip wire, a freemium, a giveaway, a freebie; these are all ways of saying the same thing. 
  2. Choose an Email Service Provider
  3. IF you have a website, place an optin box for freebie on your website.
  4. f you don’t have a website, you can create a landing page (or a hosted optin page) with your Email Service Providers.
  5. Create your Welcome / Delivery email. (this is the most effective and important email you will ever create.)

If you don’t have and email service provider yet, the top Email Service Providers that I recommend for Creative Service Based Entrepreneurs are:

Constant Contact: Primarily for small businesses and established entrepreneurs who need stronger reporting, segmenting and additional services.

Aweber: For entrepreneurs, internet marketers, bloggers, and service providers.

MailChimp: Best for you if those just getting started with a tight budget. The free plan is very popular but it does have  with limitations. 

ConvertKit: There is so much amazing functionality in the Converkit. It may take a learning curve but it is very popular and is priced affordably for all that is included.

✅ An Important Side Note

Phone Support:

Constant Contact, Aweber offer phone support which I highly recommend for solo-prenuers. MailChimp and Converkit do not offer phone support. Always do your due diligence so you can compare features and benefits and make the choice that is best for your needs.

✅ Next Steps

Learn more about Email Strategy from Scratch Workshop to take have success with your email and automation processes.

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Hold tight, we are in for quite a ride. And in the meantime, please know, I am here to support you.

Stay Healthy and Well,

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