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Hey Love, this is for you. I want to talk about passions and  entrepreneurial dreams. Do you realize that everything that you need to achieve them, you already have. This is a message about not giving up. I encourage you to use the tools you have to continue seeking, and you will find your way, your path, your dreams. Ready? Let’s get to the heart of it.  

My dream began when I was a little girl at a convention with my family in the Catskills. My father was the president of the Board of Gas Dealers, and I remember attending the convention annually. One year in particular changed my life so profoundly, but I wouldn’t even know it for another decade.

The theater was dark, the curtains were drawn. I was a buck toothed, scraggly haired, extremely shy, 12 year old, sitting in the front row at a small round table with my parents and my younger sister. The curtain opened, and as I watched the dance performance on the stage ahead, I was in awe. I fell fast in love and I had a visceral, deep desire. I said to my mom so many times in just a few short minutes. “Mom! I want to do that! I can do that! I want to be like them! I want to be like her!!!” I could feel it. I could sense it in every cell of my being. I wanted it at my core.

Who knew that this intense dreaming of a young girl was going to become a moment of truth, a real life miracle, a manifestation that I never could have seen coming.

Flash forward approximately 10 years from that day in the Catskills, my dance partner and I were performing at various parties and events. My dance career was in full bloom. One afternoon, we arrived early to a gig upstate. The theater was empty and still dark. We stood on the stage waiting for the technician to bring up the lights so we could begin our rehearsal.  As the lights came up, I could see out to the round tables and empty chairs, and something amazing happened.

I felt a rush inside me, then I felt everything slow down. I felt like I was transported back in time and I froze for a moment taking it all in. 

I could see her sitting there, eager, and excited, the wide-eyed, innocent, buck toothed girl. I could see her, that little version of me dreaming and wishing and wanting so badly to be the performer on that stage.  And in an instant – it all was crystal clear.

I was living a real life miracle, manifested in my reality. I was on that very stage, in the very same resort! I was getting ready to perform to potentially another little girl who could be sitting in the audience dreaming of one-day. 

This memory fueled me in so many ways for years.  It was a life force which guided me and taught me to remember and continue seeking.  

Decades later it kept me going even when I was confused about who I was and found myself in the middle of a career transition.

That same life force comes into play like a silent partner when life throws shit at us and we lose our way. Sometimes we can lose sight of our dreams.  We may even lose sight of our purpose.

In one the many phases of my career, I lost sight of the truth. I fell deep into transitions. I forgot the story. I forgot the truth of who I was at the core. But life… Life has so many beautiful ways of sending reminders,  especially when we persevere and keep seeking and keep looking for our purpose, our calling, our path, our voice.

Passions for dance led me to a beautiful teaching career, which led me to creating a online businesses, which led me to learn how to do business in a new way that excited me, which ultimately led me to teaching and empowering others in business using all my combined gifts. If I had tried to map it all out years ago, I surely would have missed the mark. Instead, one dream at a time, one step at a time, a little faith, some perseverance and continued seeking gifted me with a beautiful career and led me full circle back to my core each and every time I went astray.

I share this with you in hopes that you will remember your forgotten dreams. I believe in dreams coming true.

So, I encourage you to remember: 

Remember who you were.

Remember why you started.
Remember your drive.
Remember your desire.
Remember your hunger.
Remember your dreams…

Remember what you forgot.  

Because, at the core of you – is still the same You. You may feel defeated or bruised or disappointed. I know I have had these experiences along the way. 

Yet, there are always the moments that I remember who I am at the core. Life gives a little nudge and we remember who we always have been. In my core, I am that bright-eyed, enthusiastic believer who was in that audience all those years ago. 

Who are you at the core? Do you remember? She remembers you. Look for those things that show up to remind you. Somethings just don’t change.

Here’s one of life’s little reminders of mine:


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