How to Authentically Pivot

by | August 4, 2020

Navigating 2020 has been a real sh** show. Hasn’t it? 

As we step into the second half of this insane year I hope to inspire you with my own creative process and share how to authentically pivot during these challenging times.

You know how you feel when you do a job, or work on a project, or help a client in a way that you are fully aligned, confident, and in your zone of genius?

It’s an amazing feeling! Right ?

I have found over the years that when we are in that space, the confidence is an automatic, we don’t need to muster it up or try to find it. The peace of mind is calming and the fulfillment is clear as you breath full deep breaths.

Sure, we may need to seek out a bit of confidence as we step into that place and practice being our best selves in life. But, once  you get there BAM! Baby,  You Are Golden! The stage is yours, the curtain opens and you naturally step in and do your thing.  (PS – you do know you had those ruby red slipper all along, right?)

When this happens, it is a beautiful and gratifying experience for all involved.

So the question becomes,

How do we get to that place? 
What steps do we need to take to continually be there, to own it?
And, can we practice patience on the road until we find it.

I promise you, when you get into that space  – THAT space – 
You will no longer care so much about

  • What other people think of you or If your SM posts were ‘just so’
  • And you will no longer question 
    • your worth
    • your work
    • how you ‘appear’ 

because you will be creating and generating from a deep place of knowing – and that place has your back. xoxo

Be kind with yourself, Keep using your tools to find the answers. Continue to ask yourself meaningful questions. Have patience while your mind and heart work together on the perfect formula for you (a touch of faith helps, too). AND – when you can’t find your own reason to believe, reach out to others who get you and / or get the process.

A few of my tried and true’s are:

Authentically Pivot with Journaling – Stream of Conscious Flow:

I love this style of free flow conversational writing. It’s a conversation promoted by  your inner-self.  Here’s how it works: First, ask a question, (writing it in your journal) and then wait for the answer. It may be immediate, or you may need to sit quietly and wait a moment. 

Once that answer appears, write everything that comes to mind. Do not edit, to not worry about dotting i’s and crossing t’s – get those thoughts out on the paper as fast and furiously as they may come. These conversations, are a true north for you. Allow them to guide you and trust that you have the answers within.

Use Dance to Authentically Pivot: oh! There is just so much to say about the benefits of dancing.

 With a background in dance, a 27 year teaching career as a dance instructor and a clear and unquestionable passion for the gifts of movement it’s not a bit surprise that this one lands on my list. The physical fitness, the release of endorphins (those happy little guys), the brain health benefits, the connection with others, the lighting up of your every cell, the experience of music… The gifts are never ending.

I love all kinds of movement but dancing has a very special place up front and center in my heart. There was a time when life circumstances took the wind out of my sails and I could not find my way back to my dance – for what felt like it might be forever. But, lovingly, it waited for me to evolve to a new place, and to be ready to embrace fully once again. At the core of you – is still the same You. You may feel defeated or bruised or disappointed. I know I have had these experiences along the way. 

Here’s the most beautiful thing about dance – you can do it, alone, privately, with others, with or without music, fast or slow… there is no right or wrong.

My husband, David filmed me dancing to Diana Ross’s “The Boss.” I participated in  a compilation project #HustleMondayDisco by Abdiel Cedric Jacobsen. Once a week he picks a song, people from around the world submit their dances, and Abiel then edits them all into one video the following week.

So much fun!

For more ways find your connection or reconnection to your creative and authentic self, you will love my new program!

Authentically Pivot: 5 Easy + Freeing Ways to Get Unstuck + Connect to Your Creative Flow Reconnect with your Creative Inner Divine & Find your path to True Success…authentically pivot course

[Friendly Disclaimer: I may be an affiliate of products, services and programs I recommend. If you chose to do business with these companies, I may get a small commission. Rest assured, I only recommend products and services that I have first hand knowledge or a positive experience with.]

Inspiration is Everywhere!
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Patty Rose


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