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Black Friday + Cyber Monday: Must Have Deals for Entrepreneurs

by | November 22, 2018 | Online Business, Specials and Deals

If you were ever thinking of starting an online business, building your website, or updating the software and tools you have. Now is the time!! There are some tools you just need to make your business run smoothly. But, if you've ever had trouble making the decisions about which to chose and when to chose them you know it can be daunting. That all ends now.

I've created this list for you based on programs I use, love and / or know have a good rep around the online business community. Read on – I made this so easy to follow. All you have to do is click and shop.

Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) have become an exciting few days offering opportunities to get the best deals of the year on software and online business tools and resources!

Happy Shopping.

The following are affiliate links. What does that mean? By purchasing through these links I may receive a small commission – at NO additional cost to you. The price you pay is the same either way. That said, I only recommend programs and products I am willing to use myself and recommend to my clients. I am a customer/user of several companies – some for close to 10 years!

Quick View: More details for each item below:



WP Engine

Blue Host

Start Your Free Trial Today!


Pretty Link

Divi Premium Theme
Divi WordPress Theme

Constant Contact

Course Product Creation:

Teachable! I am loving putting my programs, courses and workshops into Teachable. I have tried a TON (I'm a little geeky like that) of programs, plugins, membership portals, you name it. AND, I have to tell you, I am loving the ease of use for creating courses and also the student user experience as well. If you want to create a course – this is the way to go in my book. You can even get started for free to test it out. That's what I did. But, shortly after, I saw the value in upgrading to Pro – you probably will too. Check it out here.

Here's a pic of one of mine courses on Teachable:

if your own creative idea effected the world


There are a TON of hosting companies out there. These are my two favorites. They both offer phone support and they include SSL certificates at no additional choice. When it comes to hosting, those are two ‘but of course' features I expect.

WP Engine: A top of the line absolute favorite of mine is WP Engine. I use WP Engine for my sites and for a WordPress managed host – I think this is one of the best.


BlueHost: Blue Host has been around a long time and I have had several of my sites hosted with Blue Host for years. For a cPanel Host at a super affordable rate – this is a great way to way to go.

Email Marketing:


AWeber: I have been an AWeber customer for over 10 years now. It is user friendly, the dashboard makes it easy to create and start building your email list right way. And one of my favorite things about them is the high level customer phone support they provide. Get AWeber here






ConvertKit: Is offering a Creator Starter Kit for Cyber Monday ONLY If you are ready to dig a little deeper into your email marketing and funnel creation, ConvertKit is is a wonderful tool. They do not have phone support. However, they responded to my support tickets very quickly and shared efficient and well explained answers and solutions for me.


Premium WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes: Divi Premium Theme:
I love Divi so much, I just became the Host for Divi Nation #DiviNYC Meetup Group. If you are ready to build your website or have a designer do it for you – DIvi is the deal!

Divi WordPress Theme


Pretty Links: I love this URL shortener for many reasons – one in particular is the ability to keep with your branding when creating short links. Everything you need to create and track your links is right there in the dashboard of your WordPress website. Check it out here:



Inspiration is Everywhere!
Go...Create. Build. & Share.

Patty Rose


  1. David Slater

    Some great products that you are recommending. Great job!

    • Patty Rose

      Glad you like it! Thanks for coming by. 🙂


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[Friendly Disclaimer: I may be an affiliate of products, services and programs I recommend. If you chose to do business with these companies, I may get a small commission. Rest assured, I only recommend products and services that I have first hand knowledge or a positive experience with.]

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