Hey Lady!

I’m checking in on you. I know that the ‘ride’ of entrepreneurship is a complex one with many ups and downs. I also know that when you are moving through this – navigating the downs is critical to your success. So, I’m checking in. What is your method of thriving beyond these ups and downs? Do you have a tool box of resources to provide you with what you need?

Before we go on,

I think it is important to note here that we have to continually check in and be aware of what is actually going on.

There are times in life when the shit seems to hit the fan.

I call them crisis moments. And whether we like it or not, we have to row harder upstream and sometimes if feels like we are just surviving, And boy do  I know how that feels! There I was stuck and in one of those moments in life, the kind that some people call a shit storm, and let me tell you, it was a big one (bigger than I had ever experienced before) that lasted about four long years.

The ‘me,’ I once knew to be exuberant, vibrant, and energetic, had become lethargic, sad, withdrawn, and low energy. I isolated myself from many people including family and longtime friends. I also retracted from doing the things I loved, including spending time with my connection to the joy of dance.

I didn’t want to FEEL anything. I also knew that dance and movement would bring me to the depths of myself, putting me in touch with and in front of my truth with no mask to soften the blow. I wasn’t sure I could handle it. So, I turned my back on the love of dance and movement.

Somehow, in my mind, I thought I was failing.

My business was suffering, because I was suffering. But, I didn’t know at the time to give credit where credit was due. There is so much truth to that cliche, it’s a really 20/20 as I look back. There were actually things that were working, there was actual progress being made, there was successes in growth, and there was undoubtedly loving support and human connection. Giving credit to the beauty that comes from hardship and challenging times is a part of the entrepreneurial process.

Giving credit to the beauty that comes from hardship and challenging times is a part of the process. Click To Tweet

Now that I feel I am once again thriving,

and now that I have a very clear understanding of the beauty that I was gifted from that hardship, I am here to check in on you. How are you navigating life? Are you blaming yourself for things or are you taking into full consideration all that life is giving you to deal with in this moment?

Remember to check in and take stock in what is really going on

before you get down or hard on your self as an entrepreneur and reach out to someone for support to help you with what ever is on your plate.

What that support looks like varies. We are all on our own individual, unique journeys. This blog is full of lessons and empowerment from mine. Reach out to me or call on someone you trust if you need need something more. Whatever it is that fills your heart, I encourage you to find a way and don’t go through it all alone.