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Clarity Month: Today’s Mantra: Just Try One More Time

by | November 11, 2017 | Build, Create, Inspired Success, Online Business

It's Clarity Month

Normally, when I have a message to share, I would jump on a FB Live or video recording and just go. To begin with, as most creatives, I work best with a lot of freedom and I'm driven by the that invisible force that leads us to step up and be who we CREATIVES are meant to be. Yet, this day wanted to test me.

Having clarity can fuel determination. So, the day I filmed this – OMG! While I prepped the camera, tripod and some some equipment, I wanted to freaking give up on my very first video of Clarity Month!! Alas, I come up with a way to persevere. I started a new verbal mantra. I kept repeating aloud, “Just one more time, Just Try one more time, Just try one more time…”

Here's my video about it and why this IS part of generating Clarity!

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