Are you feeling stressed today? I have been feeling stressed out. There is much to stress over to right now.
The U.S. election, the Covid virus, the drop in employment and uptick homelessness. I’m finding it to be hugely overwhelming.

So — my method for today was to grab an old photo album and a trip down memory lane to distract me for a little bit. Things a are ridiculous right now – and the unknown looming is stifling.

It’s okay to not be okay.

AND, we can learn to sit with this fear and concern WHILE we find ways to tap into something that feels a little better – even for a short time. We can make the choice to shift the energy so we experience our time the in a way that feels closer to the life we want to live.

Here are some of my other go-it’s:

1. Music:

omg. I do not know what I would do without music. What a gift it had to immediately transport you to another time and place – OR – allow you to release feelings that have been cramming up inside.

2, Movement / Dance / Lift Weights / Stretch:

“A body at rest stays at rest. A body in motion stays in motion.” Moving your body can release endorphins (feel-good chemicals) can release tightness in your muscles and can bring you in touch with what it is asking for (your know your body has the answers, right?)

3, Project Work:

Pick a small project you can focus on that will keep your hands busy. (Best done while playing music ) clean the grout, organize photos, de-clutter the pot closet. This will help you feel productive and get something crossed off that long list of “I’ll get to it someday.”

4. Journal:

Pour your heart out on the paper. Leave it all there. Be your own best friend who listens intently, responds profoundly, who love unconditionally.

5. Meditate:

sitting quietly, quiet the monkey mind. If this is challenging for you (It is for me) I recommend guided meditation. If you use a music app. For example, iTunes, type in a guided meditation and you’ll have a library full of options – for sleep, for calm, for energy…

This list can go on and on and I could talk about it all day!

The best part is you can do this, at any moment – with free tools that are at your fingertips and easily accessible.

If you would like a guided program and a supportive community you can join me in 4 Weeks to Fantastic!

2020 – 2022 Message: Keep holding on, we have to stick together.

patty rose - Covid19: How can I help during this unexpected time? (Steps to List Building & Email Automation)

Hold tight, we are in for quite a ride. And in the meantime, please know, I am here to support you.

Stay Healthy and Well,

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