An easy and fun way to shift into High Vibe when you are feeling low energy

I literally did this for myself this weekend when I needed to feel a high vibe and pick myself up. When your energy is low and you can't seem to get your head in the game or you feel lethargic and out of focus, you may just need a quick and easy pick me up to shift to a high vibe and get re-engerized.
First of all, it was a rainy day, on top of that the end of the year has me all in an urgency tizzy and navigating the holidays after recent loss of my mom has created a need to apply extra mindful focus and conscious shifting. Ugh – life is so tender these days.
So, to get into a higher state and increase my energy and get into a high vibe, I grabbed one of my go-to's from my toolbox and It worked. It always works. I wanted you have have it for your toolbox of inspiration, too.
Seems like whenever you are feeling low you can get stuck in a downward spiral effect that happens when the your low energy effects everything else you need to do.

It is totally normal to not want to move or do anything and it's hard to get motivated when we are in a lower energy. So, here is a high vibe mind-body activity you can do right now.  (Oh I sure now how crying in bed and watching tv is so much more attractive when we feel low – isn't it?)… But, there is a very simple way to raise into a high vibe.

The trick is… that your solution has to be: 


Here's how you can get RAISE INTO A HIGH VIBE,
shift your energy and FEEL Better Instantly.

Give it a try now:

Muster up one positive thought.

Just one – even a little tiny one, something you believe in. Bonus points for writing it on a sticky and putting where you'll see it.

MOVE for the shift.

Do some silly dance, shake your stuff, jump around the room, do hip circles, do some arm sways…What ever movement you choose is a-okay.

Most of all  – IMPORTANT piece:

Say your statement WHILE you are dancing, moving, swaying.


Watch what happens. Allow it to evolve and your energy raise. Notice as the statement shifts and grows how the movement becomes the director of the sequence. Witness how your words become your very own song. FEEL into the shifts, the laughter, the tears, the questions, what ever flows. Then, let anything you don't need pass. Find the high vibe and feel into it. 
Probably, at the very least raise your level so you feel better and even more likely, you will feel and become enthusiastic, happy, joyful, with a much higher vibration to go be inspired to CREATE. BUILD.SHARE.™
Inspiration is Everywhere.
Patty Rose
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