How to approach learning new technology: Breath

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Given the current times, everyone is learning to pivot, and learn something new with technology. We are all navigating something that we never could have imagined. In a recent workshop I was teaching over the shoulder training on setting up a particular software for email marketing, (AWeber Certified Expert).(audio clip below) To begin the workshop, I addressed the consideration of how to approach learning new technology: breath.

When you're learning anything new, let alone technology, I recommend that you do so in a relaxed manner. Doing business online is a gift and at this time may be both a blessing and curse to many. A gift that we have the ability to stay connected, communicate and to continue to grow with online business. We also are forced to use technology systems and software and automation – whether we like it or not.

So, how do you deal with this change? Breath. It's always been my approach. I learning this world of internet and digital marketing on my self, trial and error, DIY. It was not always easy. But, it was almost always doable. You know what that required? It required patience, and breathing, and “I can” attitude. Take a breath, read on and listen to my audio clip below for some words of encouragement.

Here's the Audio clip from a recent workshop:

I felt it was important to remind everyone that we are all in the same boat right now and that the #wereinthetogether attitude applies in this situation determining how to approach learning new technology: breath as well.

Whenever possible,, make it playful (that's not always possible) but try to make a playful. Try to take a more playful approach to your technology solutions.

2 Simple ways to approach learning new technology

1. Always practice what it is that you are trying to accomplish before you make it live. Doing this, takes pressure off the performance. Get someone you trust on your team or your biz bestie to do a run through of the tech with you if you need to share it live.

2. Patience is really of the utmost here. Breathe, every step of of the way. 

3. Do it scared. Show up. Try it. You've got this.

The most important thing to remember that  everyone is going through this and therefore everyone gets it. I understand that there is a need and a desire to show up and be our best. I believe in these times there is a tendency for people to be more forgiving when it comes to certain things.

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2020 – 2022 Message: Keep holding on, we have to stick together.

patty rose - Covid19: How can I help during this unexpected time? (Steps to List Building & Email Automation)

Hold tight, we are in for quite a ride. And in the meantime, please know, I am here to support you.

Stay Healthy and Well,

Read about my approach how I am doing business during Covid19.

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