One of the great aspects of having an online business is supposed to be that you can work from, home, make your own hours, work in your PJ's and build a business of your dreams while enjoying your leisure, your family, your life. Right? SCREECH! What happened, then?

  • Are you afraid to get started?
  • Are you avoiding the things that you know will push you to the next step?
  • Are you stuck behind your computer, alone and overwhelmed?
  • Are you getting lost in cyber space, surfing and not building?
  • Are you avoiding engaging in activity, often not leaving your home office for a day or two…
  • …and leisure, what's that?

I call it the Online Entrepreneur Rut. This rut can leave you feeling down, lacking energy, lost, alone, and have you questioning your reasons for wanting to start this business in the first place. Here are Some Simple Ways to Ensure Success:

  1. Reach out to build or find your community, your village, your tribe.
  2. Surround yourself with the support of others that you can share successes with.
  3. Step away from it all. Workout, walk in nature, listen your music.
  4. Do something to re-connect to your inner dreams and goals.
  5. Attend various networking meetings, business trainings, weekend events.
  6. Call on people you trust to bounce off ideas, frustrations, and fears.
  7. Check in with your Coach or Mentor.

These efforts can help make your experience as an Online Entrepreneur a rich, fulfilled and satisfying one. You may have an opportunity to gain vast knowledge, feedback, and creative ideas.  These key ingredients assist your business to flourish more quickly and smoothly.

In my six years full-time with my online business, I've used these methods to build some wonderful relationships and alliances with experts that are just plain good people. I am now grateful to have trusted colleagues and to call many of them my friends.

So go ahead, Reach Out! See where your relationships can take your business and be sure to share your success with me. Stay tuned for my Brand New Coaching Program – Coming Soon!

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