Ideal Business Model Comes from Clarifying Priorities

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Nothing Quite Like a Crisis for Clarifying Priorities

There’s nothing quite like a crisis to shake things up in life. Finding myself in a personal crisis put the wheels in motion to question everything. Clarifying priorities quickly defined new boundaries, made space for reevaluating business, and put life purpose front and center. Creating an ideal business model comes from clarifying priorities in your heart and soul.

Crisis Creates Laser Focus:

These types of circumstances have a way of clarifying priorities into laser focus. A hyper focus which can become a compass. Following the compass of the inner divine self leads us on the journey to what is most important in life. Then, as we continue, we find more clarity on what will hold true to be important long term. These are the things that shape life, that move us through transition.

When being pulled to be where and what is important, the crap tends to fall off the list. The things that make it to the top of that list are the one that most enrich our lives. It is in the clarifying priorities of your soul work, your heart that you can build a foundation of your ideal business model.

Why Wait for the Crisis?

The truth is, you that you don’t need to wait for a crisis in your life to make these changes. You don’t need to wait for that moment you are slammed against the wall to get real with yourself. What if you could create the change you want to see now? You have an opportunity to get super clear and to create the business model it is that you want. Why wait for the shit to hit the fan?

It' Starts with a Decision by Design

I have been building my laptop lifestyle / digital business for over ten years. My husband and I made a decision to “see if we could make this” work during a conversation about travel. I had already begun transitioning out of my weekly dance and fitness classes and built my online business in 2004.

While dreaming about travel together he said, “Well, if we can work in New York, we can work in Spain!” We booked a trip to Europe for three weeks. At the time, three weeks felt like a really long trip. It was the start our remote work lifestyle and it was one of my happiest moments.

Since then, we have been on many adventures and have had a ton of travel and fun. We were also setup to be with my mother, his father, and my sister in their last months and days. What it comes down to is being where and when you want and working on our own schedule – by design. It's about how you define success.

How Do You Define Success

Travel and remote work is an adventure and it has fulfilled one of my huge definers of success. Time freedom has always been one of my core values. Standing in as an advocate for my family the past three years put a bright light on what wasn't working. It shot a laser beam on where, how, and with whom I am willing to spend my time and energy.

In the toughest of all those moments, I understood, I KNEW something had to change. I put some quick support in place – thank goodness for people – relationships are everything!

As the dust settled, the longer term results came in the form of setting up better systems, automation and delegation. The result was to pull myself further away from daily processes and things that are not true to life purpose.

The opening up of space allows for more creativity flow. It becomes an opportunity to show up as the creator so you can lead a soul aligned business.

Confidence to Create Your Ideal Business Model is Born From Conviction

There was a hands – fucking – down knowing that I was meant to be where I was . I was born to be there. I was put on this earth to be there with them. My purpose was to advocate for them when they were too week and hold their hands when they needed love. No one and nothing could have pulled me away from their sides. It was a deep knowing then and still is now. One thing I can say for sure is unlike anything other lesson life has taught me, that kind of conviction builds confidence.

I want that confidence for you.

It's not necessary for you to wait for the unbearable to force you into change. My wish for you is that you get clear now. It's actually quite exciting. You can be clear and understand how you want to mold your life and your business. Right now.

How to build and an ideal business model by clarifying priorities.

Journal these out and write until there is nothing left to write.

  • Move your body. Dance, stretch, walk, jump, weight train. Do what feels goo to you! But, get your blood flowing and the oxygen pumping.
  • What is one thing that you strongly feel in your gut and nothing would shake your conviction
    • Your family and loved ones and how you show up for them.
    • What causes do you stand for and what does it mean to you to make a difference?
  • What is one thing your heart is deeply connected to that would FEEL full and aligned and right?

Journal on these questions – long hand. Let it come, even the stuff that feels silly and audacious. The truth will reveal itself to you. Allow the flow.

I can help you create that lifestyle with my programs and my community. Lucrative Laptops™ supports Multi-Passionate creative entrepreneurs to create the business model that supports the lifestyle they want. 

Our community is ready to support you. t is much easier to do it before a crisis. I can’t wait to meet you on the inside. Let's get you on this journey to the dream lifestyle biz you desire.

PATTY LOVES is one of the many creative products that made its out of the clearing.

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