Ignite Business? Here’s how my Magic Monday change in plans helped.

Today I was gifted with an unexpected break between appointments. I thought for a moment should I go home or should I hang around and wait it out? While I chose the later mostly out of convenience to not go back and forth, I didn’t see the great surprises that were awaiting. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. I just love how creativity and ideas are generated from the new and unexpected.

Here are some of the things I stumbled upon that fueled me. Perhaps they will inspire you to find ways to ignite business:

Bryant Park has transformed it’s entire look and feel for the season. There is an ice-rink where the green grass and picnic area usually is. There are temporary shops set up for the holidays, and lots of inviting spots both indoor and outdoor to stop for warm and comforting hot chocolate.ignite businessignite business

As I walked through this wonderland, ideas stirring and thoughts stimulated, this one shop stopped me in my tracks. The colors pulled me in, the set up intrigued me, and the people kept me there chatting. What a fun time.

ignite businessIt got me to thinking, what if we just changed the background of our websites for the month, or the holiday, or the season? What would that look like? How much fun would might it be to plan out colors and themes for the year? What if you did that around your marketing plan? Where else in my business could I spruce things up with a little sparkle, shine and magic?

ignite business

Not long after leaving Bryant Park, I found a cafe with outstanding espresso with view of the New York Public Library. Thought bubble… What part of my business can become a looking glass into exceptional greatness?

ignite business

ignite business

So, the question is: Can a Change of Plans Ignite Business? If so, what slight re-direct can you infuse to stir some new ideas into your business?

Here are some ideas for you to try to add a little spice and ignite business!

Take a different route for your daily errands? You never know what you might happen upon; a new cafe, a unique vibe of a particular neighborhood, hey you may even find a parade – (something that happens to me quite often in the city).

Re-locate your office for a day? Where do you usually do your work? Why not try changing it up for a day? Here are some ideas: move from one room in the house to another, go to a coffee shop or the library, rent space in a local virtual space office, determine what part of your work you can take to the park and do it under a tree.

Change or add audio? Do you listen to audio books in the day? Do you play music? Do you work in silence or to the sound of the television or your children? Try mixing it up… flip flop two or add something different. Music stirs emotion, and creates motion, pick a genre and let the ideas fly!!

I encourage you to try something new and different and see where you can translate your experience into your business.

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Go forth and be inspired!
Patty Rose