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Isolation Sucks

by | January 4, 2018 | Inspired Success, Women's Networking and Support

Isolation Sucks.
I’ll say it again. Isolation sucks.
Isolation squashes creativity.
It holds you back.

It causes loneliness and lack of connection.

I know a thing or two about how much isolation sucks and how to get out of that feeling and into the excitement for your life, because I have been there.

When I was going through so much personal turmoil that I just didn't know any other way, I hid behind my computer, using my business as an excuse to not connect and engage with the outside world. I was sad and lonely and the truth is I was also scared. I was scared to go out to events and not know how to talk about the transition I was in. I was scared to be judged and assessed by other women who appeared successful. I was scared that everyone would see right through me and of course they would only see the mess that I felt on the inside.

Guess what! We all have a mess. We all have something inside that feels off. But, we get to shift that and we get to support one another and we get to BE SUPPORTED! We are all perfectly imperfect. But, when we step up and squash isolation we get to reconnect, we get to be ALIGNED and we get to be on purpose.

When we step up and squash isolation we get to reconnect, we get to be ALIGNED and we get to be on purpose. Click To Tweet

Solitude and purposeful alone time on the other hand are great nurturers. Having time to reflect, journal, meditate, disconnect are vital to success as an entrepreneur. t is when your solitude slides its way into isolation that you need to Watch out!

I have a way for you to keep yourself aligned and connected below.

But, for now, here are some of the tell-tale signs I experienced, and you can keep an eye out for if you are feeling those January (or anytime of the year) entrepreneurial blues.

When what you are calling solitude starts to look like any of these, reach out, go out, meet and engage, have a Skype chat, do a live video, connect. It may feel vulnerable, do it anyway.

When you don’t want to talk with or meet friends.

When you don’t feel like being productive.

When the TV is taking up more of your time than it used to.

When the day passes so fast and you haven’t seen the sun.

Watch out – those are signs

of isolation.

of hiding.

of not showing up to LIVE and BE and SERVE and LOVE and EXPERIENCE.

Isolation is the end of success.

The Silence of January: Isolation sucks. How to get out of THAT feeling and INTO the EXCITEMENT for your life!
January gets to be a time of allowing for rejuvenation, quiet, and getting back into the mode.

I know you, CREATIVE DRIVEN ENTREPRENEUR, and Jan is also a time for


So, here’s what I got for ya!

Small, intimate, productive and like-minded,

Set up for a spectacular year, a spectacular business, a place that feels like home in your heart no matter where you are in the world.

Find your way from Distracted, Self-Doubt, Isolated, Lonely to

FOCUSED, Clear, Connected and Aligned so you can LEAD and Showup to do the work you were meant to do and I've the life you are meant to live!

We will:

  • HEAL

So get here and get the details right away!

Inspiration is Everywhere!
Go...Create. Build. & Share.

Patty Rose


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