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Autoresponders and List Management Systems

Every entrepreneur who creates a business online should make a priority to build a list of ideal client subscribers. In the process it’s important to leverage automation and autoresponders to free up time for other areas of business. When you set up systems for your list building you'll first want to identify those that support you and your goals. When you go through this process, always stay focused and keep your most important goal in mind.

Consistently connecting with your dream clients and community on a regular basis is an important component of business communications.

Why Autoresponders Work

Email marketing is still one of the most useful and effective means of creating a connection and making sales. Autoresponders allow you to create an entire campaign strategies using email. The best part is that you can batch create a series of relevant emails. Then upload and schedule the messages ahead of time. By automating campaigns, you'll determine when messages will be delivered and what will happen when a subscriber takes and action. It also gives you the ability to be consistently showing up with your value and expertise.

There are two features to most list management systems.

Broadcast emails: A broadcast message is a one-time email that communicates current information. Broadcast emails go out to everyone on your list at once. They can be sent out either immediately or scheduled in advance at a day and time you choose. For example, you might schedule a broadcast email ahead for a specific calendar holidays. However, you might send an immediate broadcast for times like the ones experiencing with the Covid19 Pandemic. An immediate broadcast may share immediate changes to your business hours, location, availability, support. This is the type of is information you would likely choose a broadcast email for.

Followup emails and Campaigns. A followup email is an automated series of prewritten emails relevant to the topic your subscribers are interested in. Campaigns and follow up series should always be written in an ‘evergreen fashion. This way they hold relevant if someone joins your list to day, three months from now, or even next year.

For example, let’s say that you’re in the fitness industry and your Free Valuable Offer (FVO's) is a video training “7 Ways to a Toned Arms”.  Those messages would be delivered in predetermined order to anyone who joins that list. Whether it is today at noon or several months from now, your subscribers will receive them in the same order.

For Example:

When Amy signs up in April, she gets message number one. If Terry signs up a week later, she would receive message number one immediately. Sally may be getting message number seven on that same day. Campaigns and followup emails are a great way to create consistency, share value, and generate passive income with preplanned content.

When you leverage automation and autoresponders one of the most important features you'll want to implement is segmentation and tagging. This allows you to and schedule messages to be delivered based on specific actions.

Segmentation and Tagging

First a subscriber receives and opens an email form you. That action alone could be set as a tag. Let's say that same subscriber clicked on a link in your email and registers for your program. The action taken would tag then as a buyer, and ‘tick' off the Thank You message sequence. The process of a subcriber taking an action allows you to tag or label the subscriber. You then can segment the type of messages and content you send to that subscriber.

Tagging and segmentation are crucial because they help you to send emails that your subscribe is truly interested in. The emails are planned ahead to send specific information based on the subscribers action. This cuts down on unsubscribes and builds trust in your subscribers – that you send then material they want to read.

Autoresponders give you the power to connect with your audience and customers at strategic points in the buying process. And it can all automated and scheduled ahead of time. It's a great use of technology you can use to spend your time in area of your business that you love.

How To Use Autoresponders – Tips And Ideas

There are hundreds of different ways you can leverage automation and autoresponders to promote services, programs, online courses, launches, promotions. To help get your creative juices flowing, let’s take a look at a few ideas and tips.


The newsletter is back. After becoming less popular for a while, people are finding regular updates and content are a refreshing way to communicate. You can create a monthly newsletter to promote new programs and services. Generally, you’ll motivate visitors to sign up for your newsletter by sharing the value you provide. It may be a training series, a special promotion code, a complimentary call – all possible FVO's.

A newsletter might contain industry or niche specific tips, updates on your business and promotions your new programs or services.


Autoresponders are ideal for delivering educational material. And educational material is the perfect tool for promoting a new product or service. Drip content which allows the subscriber to learn from home and continues to send new material to keep them on track. For example, a personal trainer, might create a five step course and schedule the autoresponder campaign to be delivered at the same time once a day for five days.

More than Written Content

Video and other media sources are extremely popular and among the highest consumed media on the web. You can deliver podcast audios or even create “how to” videos and embed them into your messages. Other options that are well received are checklists and templates that they can use. Whether you are in fitness or a life coach, these are great tools to spruce up an email

Mix It Up

Your autoresponder should contain mix of content types. It's a cycle of messages that you send to communicate, to build relationships, and to share your expertise. You want to be sure to include various types of content in your cycle. The first message sent to any new subscriber will be a Welcome Email. Your welcome email is the most important message as it sets the tone for your new subscriber. It's the most highly opened email because new subscribers are very interested in the content they just sighed up for.

After the welcome email, you might then send a nurture sequence; a few emails with updates, education, and value. Then, once you've shared value, and gain some more ‘know like trust' you can send a promotional message. This cycle, which repeats, has been proven to be quite effective. However, it’s important for you to create a cycle that best fits your needs and goals. Keep an eye on your reporting so you can test that cycle for it's effectivnesse and that your subscribers like it.

So, what is the best way to make use of leverage automation and autoresponders processes? Right now you may be figuring out several Remote Business setup tasks that are suddenly a part of business.

Here are 3 steps to follow while you Leverage Automation and Autoresponders.

✅ Plan

Plan out your mailings in advance. Write an outline of the type of content you will share based on topic and subtopic. You can plan out monthly themes that are connected to and make sense for your subscribers interest.

✅ Batch Create

If you read my blog posts regularly, this is not the first time you have seen this. Batch creating is one of my favorite tools for creatives. Writing out your content and emails ahead will free you up for days, weeks and sometimes months ahead.

✅ It's Time to Schedule

Go into your your email service provider, choose the appropriate list, and create a new campaign. You will set each on of prebatched emails into the sequence. Ahhhh. You have freed up your communications, your promotions and sales. You also remain consistent to your subscriber. W while you are off doing more of the things you love with the people you love once you leverage automation and autoresponders.

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