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The Friday before my Spectacular 2015 Event I was literally running around with a frenetic type energy trying to get everything done. I had one idea after the next in the planning, and I wanted to find a way to make it all happen. That idea generator in me teams up with the persistent side of me, and wallah – I expect myself to figure out a way – no matter what the cost.

Oprah Life Whispers Video

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I hadn't slept but a few hours over the previous days and I was working for clients in the midst of planning as well. I was also nervous to be giving my first talk in addition to hosting the event. As if that wasn't enough, on top of it all, I somehow scheduled a doctors appointment for that Friday.

Can we say overload?

I was running out the door to the doctors appointment, with my list of to do's to take care of en-route, when the elevator basically took me hostage. The doors wouldn't open at the lobby and then it preceded to run up and down from the top floor to the basement, stopping at various floors. All the while, the door never opened.

At that very moment, I KNEW there was nothing I could do. I also, KNEW that I could take this as an opportunity to re-group or I could go into panic.

Which one did I choose?

In the moment, I believed that this was one of life's whispers. It was telling me, slow down girl! I had a sense, an understanding of a message clearly warning me slow down now, listen to what's going on, take the breath, the break, the moment you need before we have to knock you harder.

So, I was in the elevator and I surrendered. My phone didn't work in that elevator, so I couldn't try to call anyone. The panel was picking and choosing what floors to go to next. I understood at that moment, everything was out of my control.  I took my coat off, put my phone away, and said out loud as I looked up to the Heavens, “Okay. Okay. I hear you. I get it.” Then, I took a deep breath and let go.

Fortunately, I was not stuck for long, there was no fear or concern, it's a busy building and I knew someone would get me out. But, I was in the sh** just long enough to get the message and start breathing, which may have been the first time in days.

When I got out, my first call was to my husband to let him know what happened and that I was okay. Then, I called my doctors office to see if they would take me late – yes, of course they would.

I put the advice to good practice. I walked slowly and took in everything around me. I found a bench where the sun was shinning like a laser cutting through the cold day and I sat there quietly for ten, maybe fifteen, minutes. I heard the whisper. The message to slow down. I haven't always listened to these things when they came up in the past. But, inevitably, the message gets louder until we heed the warning. This time, I did. I'm happy to report that the day went smoothly afterward. As a matter of fact so did the following days and my event!

Here's the thing, I know sometimes life is a heck of a lot harder than getting stuck in an elevator. I'm no Pollyanna and I am not wearing blinders. I know some days you may face struggles that seem insurmountable, we all do at times. On any given day, I know that “stopping to smell the roses” can seem like child's play compared to life's current circumstances.

Yet, I encourage you to, find your bench in the sun – what ever that looks like for you – find your bench, take in something beautiful and continue to listen, practice, and listen some more.

Here are some pics of different ways I have found my “benches” in the sun. Below, is a video of Oprah talking about how life gives you whispers. (click image to enlarge)

Do you need help finding your bench? Perhaps it's in connecting with others?
Share the whispers you have you heard in your life.

Post a comment below and share your experience…
let's sit on that bench in the sun together.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose
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Oprah says that if you don't get the whisper, the message gets a bit louder. It becomes a pebble (a problem); then a brick (a crisis), then a wall falling down on you (a full-blown disaster)….”
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