When I first moved into the city I was very intimidated to work with and get out to networking with NYC women. I was from the subs and well, I felt like they may just eat me alive. Isn’t it crazy the things our brains conjure up?

Of course, when I got out and started meeting these women, my fears were squashed. The silly brain stuff held me back until I faced it and proved it wrong – way wrong.

Believe it or not, we all have this stuff going on. Even the most successful woman who scares the bejeezus out of you, the one who has it all together (on the outside), the one you want to be like when you reach ‘that’ level of  success –  yep – her too!

But, as soon as we make the decision to crack open the crummy, move past the fear, and step into our own brilliance, light, and SHINE, the fear has no choice to but to dissipate to nothing and you can move to the next level.

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As a result of doing just that,  I am now part of various networking groups, as well as hosing my own Live Events and Workshops and other live events in NYC.

Last month when I was invited to Host the Savor the Success NYC Live Mastermind Event, I was all in! What a great night, getting on stage, doing my thing, and celebrating with some really cool ladies.

Here is an Instagram post from @SavorSuccess:


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Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim

 “…She was a fantastic host for us, and I know you know… it starts with HOW YOU FEEL. Thank you for inspiring all of us, Patty… here’s a virtual standing ovation!” ~ Angela Jia Kim

In December, I became a part of the Savor the Success community, founded by Angela Jia Kim. Being part of this amazing group of women has has been a wealth of great relationships, education and celebrating successes, all in the #GiveGiveGet philosophy that is promoted by Angela and embraced by all.

We meet offline at live events, continue our conversations online in the forums, and then, back again in person. These women are serious about growing business, and equally serious about supporting one another to prosper and work toward our dreams. I am loving being part of that. It’s a place where I feel I truly fit in.

What is one thing your brain is telling you that may be holding you back? Comment below so together we can squash it and send it off for good!

Click the button below to find out more about my upcoming Inspired Success Networking Event. Perhaps, I’ll see you there or at a Savor the Success meeting in the near future.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose

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