Would you like to join me for a cup of herbal tea and a New Year's Wish?

I am seeing a common thread among the women I work with and it’s no big surprise. So, I’m here to offer as a calming moment, like a cup of herbal tea, a New Year's wish, to help you release the old and bring in the new, grounded, calm enthusiasm or the new year.

The pressure to enjoy the holiday with family while you simultaneously get prepped for the new year AND…

  • plan out your marketing strategy
  • be clear on your goals
  • decide what you will offer
  • determine how you will show up for your audience…

Whew! It can all be completely overwhelming,

Have you felt it? The Holiday family time and your business goals mounting?

I sure did and in this past week there was little to no time for

  • journaling
  • planning
  • client work or
  • Putting the final touches on all that I want to create and manifest for the new year.

I had with it the emotions of having the first Christmas without my mom. It's a deep and moving process this level of grief.

It all generated a perfect storm, an intense sense of urgency on life.

So much so, that I had what am calling my year-end melt down a few days ago.
I was in the midst of holiday travel, seeing family from both sides, driving long distances in traffic, feeling the emotions of the holiday, navigating the grief, living out of suite case, sleeping in strange environments (no matter how lovely the hotels may have been). I met my threshold.

It was the point where my mind and body came together and said, Enough.

The tears just flowed. I let my body go limp and my limbs relax, let the wave wash over me and allowed it to take with it all the pressure mounting over me. Click To Tweet

The tears just flowed. I let my body go limp and my limbs relax, let the wave wash over me and allowed it to take with it all the pressure mounting over me.

One good thing about meltdowns is that they clear out a bunch of crap.

They help crystallize the view.

They bring the priority to the surface.

All the pressures washed away. The pressure to be something someone else expects, pressure to say things a particular way, pressure to be ‘on' and happy.

The wave let it all go.

Gently, cleansing as it all washed away.

And, I felt better. Refreshed, relieved, clear.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and I invite you to let make the transition gentle.

  • Is there something you can release so that you can come into the new year with calm, peace of mind and a centered heart?
  • What can you leave behind in a GENTLE manner rather than adding pressure?
  • What feels to you like a cup of herbal tea and a New Year's wish?

A New Year's (& Every Day) Wish

My New Year's Wish for you is that you go into the new year with gentle self-guidance, self-sconfidence, self-trust, and hope. That you experience joy, laughter, and prosperity. 

Happy New Year! 

Inspiration is Everywhere.

Patty Rose

PS – Would you like to join me for  a cup of tea? A Skype chat where we can talk about how you want to become aligned for this new year and follow your heart and be inspired for success? It's simple, click here.