Magic Monday – Do you have a reset?

Hi Ladies!! I am going to keep this one super short and sweet.But, this is super important and I hope I can help you take a breath and add some creativity and inspiration to your business today.

reset your businessI’ve been very fortunate the past week to be traveling in the west; Arizona, Nevada, California, Oh MY! Spending time in these natural and energizing places has been truly awe inspiring for me.

As I was exploring the mountains and the majestic views of the grand landscapes of the Grand Canyon and experiencing the vortex energy fields of Sedona and the sizzling sparkle of Vegas, I was wondering how to best harness this feeling and replicate it for a reset in everyday life. What if we could keep the level of awe and be inspired to create, build, share… everyday?

As entrepreneurial women, we have ideas, dreams and mission to fulfill. But, the road is often curvy and full of unexpected challenges.

It’s vital that we:

(1) Find a way to reset your business each day. Doing things like stepping away from the to do list, taking a walk, grabbing a coffee with a friend will go a long way.

(2) Community support is how we join together to grow and do more. Connect with like minded entrepreneurial women here.


I’d love to hear what you do to reset your business in your day?

How do you energize creativity into your business on a day to day?

Comment Below and share your stories with like-minded entrepreneurial women to

help each other on this path of creativity, joy and success!

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To Your Inspired Success!!

Patty Rose