So, Life just threw you some unexpected curve balls?

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Life just threw you some unexpected curve balls?

Hmm, what's that you are thinking? Life just threw you an unexpected curve ball, which they always are – unexpected.

AND you are having a hard time functioning at the most basic levels, like

  • and/or not making healthy choices with food,
  • and/or not reading your book at night,
  • and/or not posting your blogs
  • not having energy to floss,
  • and/or… insert your own transitional struggle here.

When life does this, you have all this stuff knocking you down and it's just not easy to be an upbeat entrepreneur. It becomes more challenging to churn out creative juicy content and programs for your audience and continue to grow your business.

I hear you. I have been there and I simply can't stand the thought of you being in that turmoil.Yuck.

So, I thought I'd share with you some sure fire ways to help you move through the tougher times with grace and compassion using the most valuable, yet least expense (i.e. you already own them) methods and resources.


Well, because, in a whirlwind of curve balls flying at me faster than an automated batting cage – I had to find and come up with coping mechanisms that were new and different and effective.

On my feet, in the depths of the fire, I needed to figure my way out.

I did, and as they say – that, too, did pass.

Here are some of the solutions I created, researched, and learned when I needed to be on the other side of the curve balls.

I'm pretty sure you can use at least one of these to feel better or even adapt them to make them your own.I hope you find them helpful to get back on track – or at the very least, keep moving – one tiny, little baby step at a time – which let’s face it, some days is way more then you even expect.

Drum Roll …

STEP 1: Get grounded:

YOU KNOW, you are here to bring beauty, and light, and joy to the world. You are here to do wonderful things with your creative genius. You are here to change lives and make positive impact. Yes? YES!!

Getting grounded is crucial for you to stay in your flow, to remain connected to your confidence, and to show up and be you – even between the curve balls.

  • Create art
  • Make music
  • Dance
  • Get out in nature
  • Move your body (workout, walk, did I mention dance? 🙂 )

Step 2: CLEAR The Clutter

  • Clear it out!
  • de-clutter your physical
  • do an energy clearing
  • clear out your thoughts with mediation or anything in step 1 above.
  • commit to letting go of past thoughts
  • Fire (or at least suspend) “the committee” – that round-table of negative experts in your mind. Send them packing.

Step 3: – Change it up

  • Go do something different and fun! Get out of your own way by
  • changing your environment
  • changing your activity
  • learning something you always wanted to know more about
  • or meeting someone new.
  • Do this today.

Do this today.

Do it now.

Do some part of it everyday.

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