7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System: Step 1:

  • Choose a topic for a series
  • Simple enough, right?

    Before we get into the action items for choosing your topic, let’s go over a few thoughts about what this topic should mean to you. Hang in there for a minute because this might seem a little woo-woo, believe me, it will be worth it.

    Blogging is not something that comes without dedication, time, energy and thought. It also happens to require consistency and a certain level of commitment (which we will discuss more in Step 2). So, & here’s the woo-woo, you MUST feel a connection to the content you choose to create. You need to have some part of you that loves talking about, creating, and sharing this part of your knowledge and your business. It’s just won’t be worth it to set yourself up for something you don’t enjoy. While we go into the next few steps, keep that in mind and your process will be smoother and easier than you would have thought. Promise. 🙂

    Here is your action list for choosing a topic for your blog:

    Start with a brainstorm / brain dumb, an unedited list of possibilities answering these questions:

    • What information can you share (write, video, audio) that would be interesting and valuable to your readers?
    • What monthly themes or trends apply in your business?
    • What do you find yourself talking about with clients that you most enjoy? (You know those conversations when you just forgot the time was going by?)
    • What topics are trending in current times?
    • What can you share that will remain evergreen and will be as valuable a year from now as it is today?
    • Is this a topic that can be monetized?
    • Are you passionate about it?

    (Cheat Cheat: For example – my own current Theme is Sharing Simple Systems to make my clients lives easier. This first topic on blogging will consist of 8 blog posts. My next topic series is Website Blue Print Workshop for beginners. Make sense?)


    Prioritize those topics to come up with 3 Themes and 5 topics for each theme.

    Now THAT’s a series.

    Stay Tuned for Step 2.
    To Your Inspired Success!
    Patty Rose

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