Success from Every.Single.Day. Back to the Basics

Success from Every.Single.Day. Back to the Basics

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

We are going back to the basics and I can’t wait to tell you WHY this is so incredibly important and HOW you can make this super simple shift and realignment to focus on and find success from back to the basics. How many times have you sought out for an answer, a solution to an issue, only to come back to where you started and realize you actually had what you needed right from the start? You had set out searching, searching and searching to come to the realization that the answer you were looking for was right there in front of you – often better said – WITHIN YOU – the entire time. I have heard stories from clients, colleagues, and friends over and over, as well as having experienced personally “THE” moment! The moment when you realize with a big sigh “Oh!” that you had stopped doing the things that got you where you wanted to go to begin with. All the daily practices and habits that you focused on while in state of creating a new result, such as meditation, prayer, journal writing, dancing, listening to uplifting words in book and music, all went by the wayside once you got close to your goal. You got busy, you had less intensity around the situation and then – BAM! Upon this realization, you have a newfound sense of clarity and understanding that you strayed away from the basics and hence find yourself in a less familiar or less desired spot, circumstance, situation.

It’s no different…

It’s not much different than being on a nutrition plan or a workout routine. You get strong, maybe you lose a few pounds and therefore, you’re feeling great about yourself, so you relax the reigns. Then, one day, you wake up and feel like you gained weight and lost muscle overnight. With full commitment you declare!! It’s time to get all that back on track. It’s time to manifest and create the life you long for. You are ready to get realigned and course correct to be on your truest, most fulfilling path of your life purpose. Weather that be your business, your home life, your body, it’s all the same thing!! We MUST go back to the basics, the things we ALREADY know how to do – and DO THEM EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. ‘Show Me the Video!’’ Watch this video broadcast where I  share this exact process — one that works like a charm.  Request to join and you’ll get free access So, yea, it can seem trite, or simplistic, or too easy – but, really, why complicate things? Dance technique classes taught me at a very young age that going back to the basics was not only an accepted activity, but actually a mandatory and practiced action to continually cultivate. Every. Single. Day. When you allow yourself to go back to the basics, you stand stronger and become more grounded, confident, and inspired. Therefore, you leap higher, you run faster, soar more freely! The basics, the daily habits, the practices  of coming into your own mind-body-soul connection IS the vehicle that is so often abandoned when the desires you created from doing them, actually show up. Do you ever shake your head and wonder why? So, in that moment, in that sigh of realization, the thought of going back to re-engage with in the very activities that were working, can FEEL like a mountain. It can feel like you are too far away from what you used to know and the idea of resetting is foreign and hard. The good news is It’s NOT Hard. I have a really easy and flow based plan you can try right now, today.

So, here’s what I’ve got for ya!

First – ALLOW yourself to accept the situation for what it is – in this moment. Then – FOCUS on the fact that you were successful to get this far. Focus on what you DO have that is working. Focus on Appreciation and Gratitude. Lastly – ReAlign. Set a new course of action. Choose a new direction. And GO there. You’ve got this! I’m routing for ya! xo Watch this video broadcast where I  share this exact process — one that works like a charm. Request to join and you’ll get free access!