Women is business. What does that bring to mind for you?

Well, in the past, it was very commonly one of stiff, suited (uh – shoulder pads anyone?), hard edged, and dare I say, bitchy. Thankfully, that a stereotype which is long gone. These days a woman in business is considered more of a role model, ambitious, a change maker, an inspiration.

So, to start off this, my new blog series, I am highlighting and applauding Successful Entrepreneurial Women in Business. These posts will be a mix of podcasts, written articles, and video interviews and some women will be interviewed more than once so we can keep up with new and exciting things they are up to. There is so much inspiration to be gained by these women. They have gone before and pioneered and paved the path for the rest of us. I am proud and honored to have them as part of my journey and part of my life.

Allow me to introduce, one Inspirational Successful Woman,

Carol Marshall – Marshall's World Travel.

My very first guest of the highlight series is a dear friend, a colleague, an inspiration, a woman who I had an immediate connection with when we met and became fast friends close to twenty years ago. Carol, as entrepreneurial friends often do, also became a mentor to me in many ways through the years.

Carol is the opitimy of what so many entrepreneurial, creative women strive to be as they set out to have success in business and to change lives with their gifts.

You know…the kind that you think of as Wonder Woman?

The ones with the invisible plane and the magic lasso?

Yep. They seems surreal. But, here ‘s the thing about most of those women, including Carol. They are the real deal, down to earth, and open to share truth.

Carol is mover and shaker, no doubt. But, she have hardships, tough times and disappointments just like everyone else. The beauty of that comes in when Carol and others like her, are open, honest and raw with their journey knowing it may help another women on the path to big bright dreams of entrepreneurship.

As the owner of two successful running companies. One, a cafe in Bronxville, NY called Slave to the Grind, serving cappis and lattes and all the goodies to go with it for 19 years, the other her exciting Customized Experiential Travel Company of 15 years, Marshall's World of Travel.

You can be sure with a collective 40 years of business experience, she can teach us a thing or two.

Come enjoy Carol's informative, inspirational chat at Inspired Success Networking Lunch. She'll be about building relationship and growing your business maintaining a real, clear path and strong customer satisfaction.

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Highlights of the talk will be shared here next week. You can be part of our conversation and posted highlights by joining us today.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose