Do you ever suffer from Technology Overwhelm?

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Do you ever suffer from Technology Overwhelm?

Do you know that feeling of excitement when yout are about to go out and offer your program or service? The feeling when the fire that gets ignited because you have a glimpse of all you can create in your business when you share your incredible gifts with the world? And then, BAM! You get hit with technology overwhelm! and the feeling shifts to one of overwhelm, discouragement, and defeat? Ugh, the time it takes to figure out all the working pieces + the trial and error process can really stop a girl in her tracks!

If you are feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed read on this post may have your solution. Sometimes the thing we need most is help with the TECHNOLOGY of sharing your SERVICE or product, knowing what TOOLS to USE, understanding what STEPS to TAKE first, and learning HOW to IMPLEMENT getting your offer out there.

Techie Butt Kicker Session

technology-overhwhelmI would like to invite you to a 90 -minute, “Techie Butt Kicker Session” is designed to help you eliminate technology overwhelm so you can get your offers out quickly and efficiently – and therefore bring in money and sales, and grow your business.

I get it!

When I started 10 years ago, I had a small budget, and lots of questions. Lucky for me, I had the a little unknown love for technology. I pushed through all the trial and error and at times I wondered if I could figure it all out. The good news for you is that, I did figure it out. So much so that I build a business around helping my clients eliminate technology overwhelm with step by step ahnd holding process and education. It's the one thing I didn't have that I continually wished for. Therefore, I want to provide that for you!

This is a 1:1 private, hand-holding overwhelm abolish-er!

In this 90 minutes, You and I will look at what you want to offer, get clear on the immediate purpose, map out how to implement it + what technology is needed, determine which of those you can do on your own and which you may need to hire help for…AND… when possible – implement on the spot!

All this puts YOU in the driver’s seat + empowers you to run your online business more effectively and efficiently, AND will FAST TRACK you to getting your services and offers out + money coming in.

Here's what we can do together during your 1:1 90-minute session to eliminate technology overwhelm:

Together, we will:

  • Clarify your most immediate offer to promote so we can move ahead quickly.
  • Determine the best tools and software for delivery for YOUR offer (it may be a plugin, a calendar tool, a pay link, a sales page, an autoresponder, an optin integration, amazon S3, etc) so you know what's needed.
  • We’ll go over options + I will help you make specific decisions customized to your offer to eliminate any choice confusion.
  • Map out the plan for the funnel process (from pay link to your deliverables) giving you a solid foundation.
  • Begin to IMPLEMENT with screen share training on any of the technology needed (on the spot teaching or done for you when possible within the time allowed) so you can cross things off your list.
  • Create your “Logical Next Steps” plan of action for you to follow and refer to over and over.
  • Kick Overwhelm in the Butt! Because it just feels good!

After this session you will:

  • Feel in control of the technology for your offer
  • Re-Ignite your excitement for how this techie stuff can uplevel your business
  • Be empowered to follow this process anytime you want to put something out
  • Get sh** done by implementing on the spot (as much as possible)
  • Fast track your offer from an idea in your mind to a reality that brings in $$
  • Have confidence + clarity + a plan of action

The investment is only $127! Are you ready to kick technology overwhelm in the butt?

–>>PLUS<<– As a bonus you will also get a very special discounted rate for my Done For You services for any work that you can not do on your own and may need additional help with. You will gain access to my team and I + we will have your project completed before the end of 2016 at a super VIP client rate!

I have opened space for 10 women who resonates with this. Take advantate today so you can grab your Hands-on, Private, 90-minute “Techie Overwhelm Butt Kicker. ABOLISH TECHNOLOGY OVERWHELM and finally get your offer out there now.

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