Donna Kim-Brand and Patty RoseDon't you just love that synergistic experience you get when you connect with another creative to discuss topics you are both passionate about?

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Donna Kim-Brand for her radio show, Living Legacy Leadership.

We talked about my process to
+ finding your inner truth,
+ how to make transformational shifts in your alignment,
+ my 5 Days to Get Aligned Experiential Challenge and

+ I shared my DNA (Daily Non-Negotiable Actions) method that you can do on the spot as you follow along.

Listen in… as we talk about how to get to the good stuff.
How to create a practice of acceptance and appreciation to re-align so you can show up to do the work you were meant to do and live the life you are meant to live!

Listen to “Patty Rose — The Practice of Acceptance and Appreciation” on Spreaker.