What happens when you feel all the pressures of doing, showing up, creating and you get stuck in that whirl of ‘shit! – I need to – want to – wish I could – type thoughts?

You STOP! Stop all the crap that is distracting you and take in the moment. Below is a creative flow that was the exact result of me doing just that.

Also, a FB Live message I shared right after it all happened.

Take in the Moment

Close your eyes
See with your heart
Hear yourself breath
For only a moment
Take it in.

Listen to your truth
Remember your reasons
For striving
For pushing
For trying
And just take it in.

Resist the distraction
Feel the sun on your face
Through a window
In a park
At the street corner
Take it in.

Success is where you are
The relaxed you
The genuine you
The being yourself you

Feel the moment
That moment is your success.

Take it in.

~ Patty Rose

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