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When I dance, I'm happy. I forget all my worries. This is what I like to call the HAPPY FACTOR. The happy factor, that free way of living, is something we experience naturally as children. We forget to live with abandon as we grow up.

Even if it's only for 3 and ½ minutes (the average length of one song), I forget them. It's near impossible for me to stay mad, or unhappy, or focused on real life difficulties when I'm dancing! .

This happy and free way of living is something we experience so naturally as children. For some reason we forget how to live with abandon when we grow into adult hood. Many of us forget to have fun, to play, to do the things that make us feel happy.

Understandably, life can be hard, and 2020 has rocked us on what we even thought hard meant! Am I right? Hard times and hardships endured can have lasting effects on responsible adults. You can lose motivation. But, life has taught me there is a simple and free solution. Once we all have access to, 24/7. How awesome is that!?

The best part? Finding the happy factor is simple and free

We have within us so many tools to find the a way back to the feeling of daily happy abandon. If you can't tell, yet. My favorite of these tools is movement, and in particular, dancing. I love how it creates a natural way to embrace your inner child. Movement and dance can assist you in processing emotions and help you generate energy. The endorphin rush, the happy chemical that your body creates, is real.

So why not nurture the happy young child that still lives within your very responsible adult self. Give a few minutes a day dance to get back in touch with that part of you.

A few ideas to get you started

Try these 30 moves in my “Dance to Be Smarter: 30 Moves for 30 Days” list
Put on your music and dance with abandon
Dance with someone you love – husband, kids, friends – make it fun
Shake – as in just be silly and shake everything! (this is one of my all time favorites)
Grab your yoga mat and work some fluid poses

When more than just an energy shift is needed

Yea, I know, nothing is really that easy when your having a tough time or in a rut. Yes, it may take some inner motivation. Perhaps (my hope) is that this blog post can be a motivator for you. If you are felling low energy and just don't want to do ANYTHING. I have had my share of these days. On those days just do at least a little bit. Anytime I have motivated myself on those days, I've always find my way to more feeling energy and more upbeat.

If this is where you are, the easiest thing is to put on some music and let your body flow. Playing music is an amazing way to move your energy, shift your mood, and help you find the Happy Factor. Get your body moving. Even if what you need is music that helps you release emotions and cry. It can be very cleansing and gently move that low energy, shifting you toward the happy factor feeling.

If you are feeling deeper sadness or depression, seek professional care. Speak to someone who can help you navigate your emotions appropriately. Here are a few free resources.

New York Project Hope: Coping with Covid19, US Dept of Heath and Human Services: SAMHSA

Dance, move, live.

What can you do today to find your happy factor? Carve out a few minutes for movement today, and share it with people you love. I'll start, here is a video from the summer that I shared with my husband, who filmed it. We had the most fun ever and the happy factor continues every time I remember it.

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