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Last year, I celebrated my 30th year as a self-employed, creative entrepreneur. Looking Back, enjoying conversations about where I started, sharing stories and remembering my big why's of ‘way-back’ I was reminded of how many transitions I had endured AND successfully came through in that time.

Looking back can be cathartic, it can be a confidence booster, it can bring up thoughts of direction taken and paths chosen. It's a refresher for re-aligning where you are headed as you move forward through transition.

And here’s the thing about transition, my theory on transition is that… THAT is where we spend most of our lives. Transitions in life and business are simply a moment in time when you land between the beats of music where we are learning to navigate the dance of life.

When I was teaching dance, my method and approach always had a strong emphasis on the navigating the transition between each step. Whether is was a basic side step or an advanced pivot move, moving from one foot to the next in any dance step AND IN Entrepreneurship and life, you need to first —

• Shift (weight, focus, conversation)
• Align (your heart, your thoughts, your physical body)
• Direction (be clear on the direction that you intend to go)

And yet, we tend to struggle so, when we experience transitions in life. Often, creative entrepreneurs experience transitions with a dampened ‘spirit' and overall self questioning, self-doubt, and sometimes even isolation and loneliness.

Well, I know why, and I have experienced transitions that felt as though they swallowed me whole.

But, I’m here to tell you that coming out on the other side of transition – over and over and over again has taught me a thing or two.

I now see transitions as a moment of time between the beats of the music. Transition is a time to prepare, gather, plan and then move into the next step.

Of course, it does not always feel like a ‘just a moment in time'! It can feel like a thick, gross, sludgy mud that is slowing you down from living your purpose, experiencing your desires, and enjoying your life.

I get that.

But stil…

I am here, encouraging you to open your mind to another prospective. Remind yourself that you can move through your transition with more ease and less struggle.

If you are in fact in a transition – whether you feel it approaching or it's got you in full swing. Know this…

This process may take time (each and every one is unique). Close your eyes and feel the music swaying you through it.

This process may very possibly have you questioning everything you know or have know about yourself. A little reminder: You are full of beauty and good and love and brightness – simply as you are and all the answers you are seeking are there within you.

This process will undoubtedly bring you to a new, fresh, and vibrant version of yourself and therefore your business (because as a creative entrepreneur work and life are interconnected.) You will learn, explore, grow, and reemerge with a new found excitement and understanding of your creative genius.

The only way up and out is >>> forward. Look beyond where you are, connect to others who have a positive mindset and it will lift you up. Share on X

Moving Forward:
The only way up and out is >>> forward. Look beyond where you are, connect to others who have a positive mindset and it will lift you up. Seek higher ground (higher vibration for yourself during this time), practice what you need to practice every day.

While in transition our inner self is often in a stuck or holding pattern. Give your inner self the gift of motion when you (and your inner guide) is feeling stuck in limbo.You can do this by making a decision,

by changing your physical state with movement, dance, workout, play.

by moving your inner energy with meditation, journal writing, music.

by finding support in connection with some one who ‘gets' you.

Find new center through anchoring into something completely unrelated. Find something new to try.

Explore a destination, a new town, take a class or workshop in a new area of study. Dig in deeply by grounding into something brand new and different. Allow your inner being to be expressed in new creative ways.

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