What if she just stopped?…

If the musician you love stopped creating music?
The author you loved reading, stopped writing books?
Your favorite motivational / inspirational speaker stopped giving talks?

And, as a result you no longer could live in the inspiration and joy of their creations?

What if your own creative idea affected the world forever? What if she let self-doubt stop her?

The importance of your creativity and what you share with the world is like that positive ripple effect that touch hearts and souls for miles, and years, and centuries.

What if they just woke up one day with self-doubt and didn’t push through it?
Or, if they let their insecurities keep them from creating?
Their confusion in translation keep them from churning out mew material?

Certainly, the world would miss out on so much beauty.

Do you know, oh, creative one, that you are ‘them’?

You are the same as they are!

Because, to someone, somewhere – you are the creator who decides every day to show up for the masses – or not.

Even if you haven’t written or created or shared your first piece yet – then you are the same as who they were before you ever heard of them – STILL greatly needed by others.

Creative entrepreneurs, artists, spiritually minded creators, go deep, get into their work from a deep place.

It’s referred to as heart centered, passion based, inspired, but no matter what name you put on it – you are the key holder, in possession of a special gift that someone else is waiting to receive.

They are not expecting it, and they likely don’t know it’s coming. But, that’s how things in this world, in The Universe usually go.

The unexpected kindness.
Random smile.
Surprise ring on the doorbell.
Handwritten note card in the mail.
Friend showing up w flowers…

They show up, in almost like magic when you never could have seen it coming.

So, do you see how important it is for you to create your art – your program – your music – your content?

Do you get how important you and your creation is to this world?

We need you,
and we need him,
as we need her,
and they need us,

It’s what makes the world goes ‘round.

So, again I ask, what if your own creative idea affected the world forever?

Share with me in the comments, what will you do today to put a positive ripple in the water?

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