This smart creature seems to have wisdom of centuries… Taking her approach slow and steady, pausing to re-assess, one step at a time.

Watching her reminded me of a story from when I was in my 20’s and I started running a few miles / a few days per week.

I was a little firecracker and was interested in speed – and achieving min/mile goals… and then my knee would hurt.

So, one day I went running w my dear friend Judy who told me, “slow and steady wins the race.” As we ran together, slower than I normally would, I ended up hitting the ‘runners euphoria.” It’s this amazing feeling that you could run forever and ever, a feeling of high…and my knee supported a longer run!

Since, I can’t help but to analogize life to biz, here I go with another one. What a great lesson and approach for business, too.

Persevere, try again, don’t give up, run when you need to, and if need be, go slow and steady — always remember. 1 step at a time. It will eventually get you where you are going, and arriving graceful and confidently like this beautiful lady egret.