When will you start creating your dream online business?

What gifts will you share?

Do you have a dream, a big goal, a desire to do something unique and special?

Is it tugging gently at your sleeve or pushing you full force into unknown territory?

Are you lost in the process or are you making progress?

I understand the overwhelm and confusion. As I look back, I can see how I could clear the path to save a ton of time, money, and I could lift that dampened spirit and doubt that came along the way.

Well, I am here to do that for you, now with these blog posts and more.

What I want to remember is that you can start today. You can start small. That’s  A-OK. The most important step is the one you take right now!

You can start right now, actually. By taking one small step in the right direction you will start the process or feeling more confident and experiencing success. And, we all know, that any direction, any motion, any movement, is better than being in limbo, right?! We also know that the building blocks of a strong foundation start with high quality materials placed one step at a time. For us, the creative entrepreneurial woman, that means connecting to your inner desires, natural ways, and giving your dream your very own life, energy and personality!

Here are a few ‘starters’ (pun intended) to help ignite your inspired action. Pick the one that speaks to you in this moment. Trust that you KNOW what’s best for you.

  • List out the 10 most important reasons you want to do this.
  • List the first 5 things you will accomplish in the next month.
  • Create a client avatar.
  • Ask Yourself the BIG questions about how your passions, ideas, dreams will help others.
  • Start learning 1 thing! JUST ONE. Commit to one week of learning one aspect of your business. That could be a new social network, How to create a WordPress website, How to Create and Ebook, How to start a PodCast, Email Marketing, Youtube and Video Marketing, etc. But, just pick one. I promise, it will help with the overwhelm tremendously.
  • Create a FB Business Page.
  • Send an email to your trusted, entrepreneurial buddies (the one’s that totally get the process) with a request to help you stay accountable. If you’re not in entrepreneurial circles yet, send me that message!
  • Join a network or community for support.
  • Start writing. EVERYTHING. You need to be capturing and storing your ideas in your own creative way. Vision boards, idea books, audio files, mini videos of yourself, leave yourself a voice-mail. Just get those creative juices saved for that moment when clarity strikes. Then, have faith in the process.
  • Check your Belly Barometer. Your gut knows. So, practice becoming aware of your physiological responses and begin to trust what that means for you.

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I’m looking forward to hear from you and about your online business journey!

Patty Rose

Create Build Share™