Who Is Your Ideal Client?

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If you are like me, the old fashion process to getting this question answered, just doesn't work.

Here's the thing, information like demographics, income, and family size, are hugely important to know about your target market. But, I believe it's the standard ‘old school' approach causes blocks. I have found the best way to approach these questions (especially for creative women, like us) is to start with the heart, the right brain and the creativity.

So here are a few question to start with:

Who do you want to help?

If you were talking to her/him, Who are you having a meaningful conversation with?

What solution did you provide for her/him?

When you walk away from a meeting with this ideal client how does she/he FEEL and how do you FEEL?

This approach makes things so much easier and more natural and once I applied my personalized process, I actually answered these important marketing questions for the first time in my business and felt happy with the result.

You can do this on your own or with a friend – make if fun and light. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes.

For more information, check out my networking events – I teach a workshop called, “5 Steps to Bring Your Ideal Client to Life!

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