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At the end of the evening, as I gave my closing remarks at my Specular 2015 event,  I noted how the saying, “It takes a village…” never meant more to me than at that very moment. From the birth of this idea to host a women's networking event in support of entrepreneurial women to  when I reached out to colleagues for assistance and they extended a hand back to me, all the way to that evening when amazing women arrived in style to learn, share, and grow…the village converged around me and I had one milestone moment after the next.

These special moments in life happen and are made richer because of the people that come together in  support of one goal. If you were with us, YOU did that. If you weren't we look forward to having you at the next one.

Enjoy the pics! The full gallery is below. Tag yourself or your friends, share on your social networks and comment. Let's continue this rich, open minded support to success, because…

As I always say, “You can do it all. But, you don't have to do it all, alone!” ~ Patty Rose

I'm super grateful for the amazing feedback I've received. Here are a  few pics and stories.

Women's Networking, April Alverez

April Alvarez

Patty's Spectacular Event was super inspiring and just what I needed to start the year off with the perfect mindset…one of success!! I was super excited to network with all the ladies and to promote my business. But I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first. As soon as Patty spoke she reminded me to be proud of my business and to really “OWN IT”. The speakers after were motivating and the exercises that we broke into had so much positive energy from all the ladies! It was truly a blessing to be a part of this event because it encouraged me to set my business goals and to create a plan to accomplish them.
2015 is going to be my year and I have Patty to thank for it!  Can't wait for the next one!!!

~April Alverez, Independent Scentsy Consultant (https://aprilsmist.scentsy.us)

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

April, Amanda, Olga

Hi Patty,  I really enjoyed the Women’s Empowered Networking Event. It really made me more motivated to build my business and push toward my dreams. After attending your event I realized that networking is key. If everyone shares their ideas with each other it won’t necessarily hurt my business just help me make it a bit better. I loved the group sessions with different Q and A's and how everyone was either in the same boat as me or giving me wise advise. At the end of your event I left feeling much happier and even more devoted to my company. Thank you so much for this event because it truly was an inspiration for me.

~Amanda owner of Mandy's Paws & Claws, a mobile dog grooming business.

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and Shout Out…

…to my speakers and sponsors, these really cool ladies who said yes to me when I called with my idea for an event. Please reach out to them and share how their product or service added to your experience or perhaps touched you in some way.

Women's Networking Patty Rose and Lorena

Patty Rose and Lorena Morales

Lorena Morales, Thank  you for your enlightening talk on attracting money into your business, making it fun and for your brainstorming fun prior to the event! (https://holalorena.com)

Women's Networking - Jojo's and Patty Rose

CEO & Founder love hard, inc. // creator of Jojo's Sriracha

Jolene Collins, Jojo's Sriracha! These ladies went home with a gift bag that truly had some value. Thank you so much for your generosity and your fast action to get them to me overnight! I love Jojo's, you introduced me to something new and delicious – and I'm hooked! (https://lovehardinc.com)

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

Patty Rose and Carol Marshall

Carol Marshall, thank you for your open and honest discussion on continually maintaining integrity and checking in with what we feel inside to continue on a path to success that is true to who we are. (https://marshallsworldtravel.com)

Women's Networking Patty Rose and Diana Dorell

Patty Rose and Diana Dorell

Diana Dorell, thank you for your contribution to give an intuitive healing session. I know one women will be more connected and more joyful after working with you! Thank you also for your heartwarming and lovely introduction for my presentation. (https://dianadorell.com)

Women's Networking - Annete, Patty, Diana

Annette Naif, Patty Rose, Diana Dorell

Annette Naif, Thank you for being available in my moment of panic, for keeping me calm and for giving the tools I needed to go into my event confidently and ready to shine. (https://www.forteevents.com)

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

Patty Rose, Olga Rivera and Julia Wojnar

Olga Rivera, thank you for your discounted services for Organizing with O! You have a gift and I know the women who reach out to you will  feel lighter and more clear after time spent organizing their space with you. (https://ostouch.com)

Women's Networking - Patty Rose

Patty Rose with Allison and Karla

Women's Networking - Patty Rose


Allison Wenk & Karla McCormick, the two best assistants a girl could have! Thank you both for being part of my process, for running errands, for making my book marks by hand, for sharing your ideas, for being with me for days prior until the end of the night pack-up was done!

Women's Networking Patty Rose

Beacon Wines

Beacon Wines, Thank you for your generous contribution of Jaume Serra Cristalino Cava from your Broadway location (212022 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 (212) 877-0028).  A little bubbly goes a long way. (https://beaconwine.com)

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katya-nicholas-logo-150x150pxKatya Nicholas Photography, Thank you for capturing our evening with these amazing photographs of our time together. What fun, everyone looks so happy! (https://katyanicholas.com)



NewBella_logoBella Boo Chocolates, There is nothing quite like gourmet chocolate to make an evening just a little sweeter! Kim you are a dear and very sweet person (pun intended), thank you for your yummy gift.



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To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose

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