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Ya know that thing inside you that gets squashed, ignored, refused, avoided…?

That thing that causes anxiety in the night, shallow breath, self-doubt, lack of motivation?… yeah that one.

That’s your deepest desires, the truth of your heart and soul calling to you.

Begging you to listen.

I know all too well! 😩 Late night anxiety, self-doubt and questioning, refusal to LISTEN – to what my inner knowing and body had to share. Until I got to the business of feeling and ‘living’ it all out.

This video highlights some clips from my process last year—the year that taught us all so very much—and taught me the need to reconnect.

I RE-learned the healing powers that mind-body connection provides,
was RE-acquainted with things like my inner truth and peace and breath and motivation and self-trust,
and RE-imagined my connection to my deep love of and expression through dance and movement.

It’s one of the silver linings from the hard times we’ve all been living in. This one is – a big bright silver lining. AND… Because of this silver-lining…

I’m now in the process of developing the most transformative mind-body-heart-soul movement program and would love to have you be part of the magic.

You can get on the wait-list here.

And REMEMBER – It doesn’t matter how long you are away – you can ALWAYS COME HOME TO YOURSELF. Share on X

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