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OKAY – If anyone can talk to you about over analysis, waiting for perfection and the cycle of never getting anything finished… It's me. It's embarrassing to admit that out loud, but, the truth is the truth.

It's really, really, really (did I say really?) IMPORTANT for you to DO THESE THREE THINGS RIGHT AWAY, if you can relate to the analysis paralysis of creative entrepreneurs.

(1)  Laser focus and Pick One Thing.

Check out my PICK ONE THING Training Series. These trainings are geared to help you laser focus and prioritize so you can make progress and check things off your list. Each week I cover a new topic and training so you can follow step by step, learn, make decisions, and take action and to BUILD out of your digital representation of your creative genius, talent and work!

(2) Get support!

The entrepreneurial journey can be exhilarating and exciting and it can also be lonely and isolation. I have been on both sides of this and I can tell you Isolation sucks!

Solitude and purposeful alone time on the other hand are great nurturers. Having time to reflect, journal, meditate, and disconnect are vital to success as an entrepreneur. It is when your solitude slides its way into isolation that you need to Watch Out! I shared about my lonely experience and how I got out of it, here in this blog post.

AND! Come Join us in my Closed FB Group for Creatively Empowered Entrepreneurs just like you. We're all there ready and willing to share encouragement and lend an ear. Hope to see you there soon.

(3) Pick a time frame and promise yourself that you will refuse any distractions.

One of my favorite tools for productivity I learned from my dear friend and fellow creative entrepreneur Helen Raptoplous | AimForIDeal. I have been using this strategy for years now and teach it to my clients as well. It's called Time Boxing.

It is 100% free and I sometimes share it as an activity in my closed FB group for Creatively Empowered Entrepreneurs, feel free to come and join us to try it out with the group.

Here's how it works:

  • Shut down all distractions
  • Turn off alerts and notifications
  • Do not accept calls during the Time Box
  • Get your tea or drink or coffee ready to go
  • Best when done with at least 1 buddy. Chose your buddy carefully. You know your friends who are serious and will honor the commitment. Work on this with one of them.
  • Decide on what ONE activity you will laser focus on. For example one: activity may include a few steps that make sense to batch:
    • Focus – Blogging: I commit to write one blog post, schedule it, add links
    • Focus – Cash Tasks: I commit to completing my cash tasks and sending out 3 invoices
    • Focus – List Building: I commit to creating a new optin box, completing my new giveaway, writing and scheduling 4 autoresponders.
  •  Decide on how much time you will spend on this one activity. 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 90 minutes,
  • Set your timer – the only distraction allowed during Time Boxing
  • Ready, Set, Go!

At the end of the time, you check back in with your buddy. Share what you accomplished, support her/him with any feedback or encouragement needed.

I PROMISE you this is one of the best ways to get stuff done and to stay action based! Give it a try and come back and let me know in the comments how it went for you. I can't wait to hear about how much you got done!

(4) Accept for now… that Done is Better Than Perfect!

Oh my! This is a biggie, especially for you Creatives – artists, performers, entrepreneurs, I know you love to get things ‘just so' before you share them to the world. The concept of showing a ‘work in progress' is one that we  creatives don't take lightly. I get that.

For me personally, in this world of website design and digital visuals, blog posts, and social media graphics, I have learned that I can obsess about each font point and the layout, and the formatting of pdf's, blog posts, power point presentations so much so that I can lose valuable time and get behind.

I have also had clients come to me after a painful year of tweaking to get their website perfect, as they were continually thinking things like: just this one more page, one more color tweak, oh wait, one more image… my photo shoot will make it perfect, the testimonials will come in and make it perfect… and a year can go by and your website is still not live. ( I work closely with my clients to have their sites created within 8 weeks.The premise being that we can start small, and perfect the live pages, and add to the site later, evolve it as the business grows.)

So, let's say this, now, once and for all. Done is better than perfect and here's why… You can…

  • Always change the email copy in an autoresponder follow up series
  • Correct, edit and update blog posts
  • Change pages on your website
  • Create 2.0 versions of pdf's want to see you.

Your audience wants to hear from you.

They care far less than you think about the visuals. When you offer true, authentic, relevant valuable information that your people want, they will be very forgiving about the small tweaks that you are working on behind the sense in you time boxing sessions.

That is not to say we don't remain professional. We have to do things like put our best foot forward, provide 110% value, run a spell check, make the effort. But, it's okay to put something out there knowing you want to improve on it over time. Here's a video training I did on the topic of Done is Better Than Perfect for your Website and that you can start small and ramp up your visibility and your expertise.

And while this video is about your website, it touches on what we discussed above and you can fill in the blank for the topic.

  1. Strategize, Organize and Plan.
  2. Start Small.
  3. Start Now.

PS – The link I shared in the video for the free call is no longer available on a live domain. If you are looking to reach me, Please contact me here on my contact page

I'd love to hear from you, for real. Comment below.

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