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This blog post about AWeber free for online business contains affiliate links.

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Email marketing is a significantly important part of your business. Utilizing it allows you to communicate with subscribers with scheduled newsletters coupled with broadcasts whenever you have updates or news to share. Eventually, by providing value and using smart strategies you can convert conversations to engagement and sales

However, knowing how to get started can be overwhelming. There are many decisions to make, not to mention the tons of options to available. Which email marketing platforms do you consider? Where does one start? What features are most important?

Since, I have tested many platforms, I put together some thoughts about one of my favorite platforms. The ease of use and the customer support make it a great fit for my clients. Especially for the entrepreneurs starting out with building an online business. In fact, my own business has utilized AWeber for over 10 years. In 2019, I became an AWeber Certified Expert (ACE).

The ability to design and send newsletters, automate with campaigns, and promote with landing pages are features that most online businesses want to implement.

Not to mention, there are some pretty exciting stats to get you revved up.

Steps to Getting Started:

The first goal when getting started using an email marking platform is to grow an email list. The idea is to capture subscriber information by offering solutions you provide. What problem do they need solved? Once you have a new subscriber on your list, be sure to communicate with them. That may seem like a no-brainer. However, one of the common mistakes made in email marketing is focusing only on building the list and forgetting to connect with current subscribers.

The overview of the process is:

  • Use a landing page design landing pages and offer your lead magnet.
  • Provide what you promised.
  • Authentically share your brand message.
  • Build relationships with continued communications.
  • Implementing smart strategy and campaigns to automate processes.
  • Get feedback and narrow in further on what your subscribers what and need.
  • Use tagging and segmentation to send specific solutions to the right people.

In other words, creating branded newsletters, automating your emails, viewing and analyzing statistics can all assist you in communicating your brand message. In my opinion though, the beauty really lies in using these tools to build connections. Relationships are what matter most in life and this one is an opportunity for a win-win. When implementing smart strategy you can provide tailored solutions your subscirbers need. This is a win-win because your subscribers receive value and your business grows with increased conversions and sales.

Is The Free Version Enough? 

AWeber's free version allows full access so long as the subscriber list below 500. If you have a larger mailing list you can go with AWeber Pro. This makes Aweber a little different to other platforms you may have tried.

AWeber Features include:

  • Autoresponders
  • Range of templates
  • Import and host a mailing list
  • Basic marketing automation functionality
  • Responsive email designs
  • Reporting 
  • Split testing
  • Landing page builder

About The Landing Page Feature in AWeber free for online business

A landing page is uniquely separate page from a main website. Pages like these are designed to entice visitors to take one specific action. Therefore, these pages are great for offering free trainings, printables, and webinars.

In general, landing page can help you to build an email list of interested subscribers.

This very focused page entices visitors to take action by offering high value for one specific solution that you provide. To create landing pages that convert, keep it clean and simple, use appropriate images, make the Title copy concise. The AWeber provided templates help with them immensely. It can also be used as a ‘coming soon’ page when your website is under construction. 

Some Benefits of Using AWeber

A free AWeber account is a good option for entrepreneurs who would like a budget friendly way to create professional emails and campaigns that get results. There are many pros to using the platform:

  • Minimal learning curve when starting out
  • Extensive built in templates
  • Award winning customer support
  • Affordable compared to competitors

If you are ready to jump to the next level of your email marketing, get started with AWeber Pro here.

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