Step 2: Decide on deliverables, dates and bulk create – 7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System: Step

How did it go? Did you read and follow Step 1? You can view it anytime here.

Decide on deliverables:

There are many ways to curate content for your blog; writing, video, audio, images are all good mediums to use. I have two ways of determining which ones to use.

I recommend you use a combination of them and once you have your posts created you can do just that by re-purposing them in many ways (coming up in step 6). For now, here's a simple way to decide on what one to use on a regular basis for your blogging plan. Ask yourself what you are most comfortable using. The best route to consistency will be to start with something that doesn't make you cringe or scare the “bleep” out of you. Yes, I know video gets high ranking and loads of street cred. It's an amazing way to go. However, if you can't stand being in front of the camera or the editing process makes you nuts or your learning curve will take a few months, or you have to spend money on equipment… well, you know what can happen…you won't blog! So, start with the thing you are most comfortable with and make a plan around that for now. You can and will continue to evolve so start with the low hanging fruit – what do you enjoy, what can you do with ease, what will support you in getting it done?

Decide on dates:

The next piece is to plan. How many days a week or month will you take the time to blog? The blogging process can take time and consistency is key. So, look at your calendar and the number of posts you have in your blog series. Will you post once a day, once a week, twice a month? The more the better, but the same goes for this as with the deliverables – being realistic will support you to getting it done All things will evolve and grow with you and your business. Again, the key is consistency, the search engines like to see consistency and your readers will come enjoy your regularly scheduled posts. You can always start off with a lower commitment and add to it over time.

Bulk Create:
This is one of my favorite solutions to creation. It's probably due to my having a creative approach to everything I do, when the ideas hit, they hit hard and I like to curate several pieces of content at once. I prefer to sit and write or set up the camera and record video by doing several in row. I find with this approach, you can start to get ahead of the schedule and focus on other areas of the business. Mind you, it is not fail proof. Sometimes you just need to do your post for tomorrow and get it out – it happens. However, bulk creating will help relieve that pressure.

With all of the above mentioned, the most important is to be true to you. Take into consideration your personal creative flow, your schedule and your preferences. Make sharing your ideas something you enjoy, and your blogging will be easier, and flow more freely than you ever could have expected.

Stay tuned for Step 3.

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